Friday, December 11, 2009


I have started to write multiple times.  I have been told multiple times that I haven’t written for a while.  I have been weighing several options. 

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy change.  I am really thinking of how to evolve this site.  We’ve also been struggling here through an illness.  A couple of the foster dogs arrived at our home healthy, then a day or so later they were no longer healthy.  The Flintstones the pair named Fred and Wilma ended up having Kennel Cough.  They are doing fine now healed up and have found their forever home…  BUT…  =(!

Our Ozzer got it.  Our old man has been very sick, still is.  He’s still pulling for a recovery, he hasn’t given up.  But oh my has this been a stressor for us. 

Ozzie Edited Red Eye IMG_0439

My body is no longer capable of doing what he needs done.  I’ve gotten more sore than I’ve been in a while.  I’ve been getting better, and I am now going backwards.  I’ve been in bed again all week.  This is not the way I’ve planned for my week to go. 

Jason has started taking a primary role now in taking care of Ozzie.  Previous to this he was doing the secondary stuff.  But since my body feels like it’s been beat to hell, he is taking care of the medication delivery,the bathroom breaks, the food and water consumption. 

Which is good as Ozzie needs more help than I can physically handle giving at this point.  We are sure hoping our old dog can pull through this one.  Thank goodness he is so stubborn.  His kennel cough turned into pneumonia, his kidney’s started having issues… so we are holding out hope that the meds can help him!

Ozzie lives for the time that Jason cuddles up with him.  He is the one who really makes Ozzie’s world go around.  I am just a consolation prize anyway. 

To top it off, we were paying so much attention to the Flintstones and Ozzie, that I ignored Luka’s paws.  OMG!  He really reacted to the latest food adventure and was going after his paws.  We’ll he sure did a number on one of them. 

He can’t go out with me until he is healed up.  He is limping everywhere and we are keeping it dressed with Grape goo that the vet gave us.  Poor Luka!  At least his isn’t life threatening. 

Jason’s been getting a little stressed out, we both really have, no sleep due to Ozzie’s constant coughing, Luka’s licking and unhappiness with the cone that we’ve stuck on his head.  He keeps waking us both up with his discomfort.  We now understand what new parents are going through.  Which has reminded us of why we don’t have a tiny baby in our house!

We could sure use some prayers.  Ozzie has been wearing his little fleece coat and a prayer shawl I received earlier this year.  He sure could use some prayers!  Thanks to those of you who have already been praying for him.


The snow has been another “bonus” this week.  We stayed home due to it, he had been supposed to work out of town, we were scheduled to leave and everything, but with the forecast for immense amounts of snow, meaning bad roads, well, he canceled the job.  Didn’t want to take me out on the roads.  I am frustrated by this as much as I am grateful. 

I was really looking forward to a change of scenery.  With the snow, I won’t be going out much.  I guess, the snow isn’t actually the preventer.  The ice that the snow becomes is the true criminal in my mind. 


Thank goodness for our neighbor’s snow blower this year!  D & R you both rock!  You saved Jason’s back!


I have intended to be adding more pictures.  In fact, I have been thinking of lots of things.  I really like some of the things that Jason has been doing with the camera.  I have yet to put my identity on here.  Probably for the most part anyone who is reading this knows me, but then again the hesitation is that there are those that don’t.  So I am still thinking about it I guess. 

Another blog I follow had a gal with an issue similar but not the same.  Her reasons were different, but being they were different, they still required thought on her part. 


I have also been trying to think of ways to add extra income to our lives.  The classes that Jason teaches are by no means regular.  The income from them is something that we need to have on a more regular basis.  So taking pictures might just be the answer.  He enjoys it and he appears by the evidence so far to be great at it!  Not that we expect to make piles of money.  Heck at this point we’d settle for volunteers willing to be practiced on.  If people felt he’d done a great job they could “donate” to our camera fund. 

We are wanting to do something different with the photography.  I think the pictures we are already taking are going to show that.  He loves taking still pictures.  One thing he also may decide to do besides portraits is taking pictures of items people would like to sell on Craigslist or on Ebay.  At this point that is just a thought.  He is working on that.  I don’t know that we will be headed out to do wedding photo’s or anything.  But pictures that capture a persons essence are really what he is has started to do.  We’ll see.  Maybe they were just a fluke.  But he really has come up with some really great shots!


Here is the Click Clack Couch/Bed we will be selling! 

Want it?




Size 12 I think..

I can’t wait to see what he does!  Maybe if you are reading this you will let him “practice” on you. 

Other than that, I have gotten my office all spruced up.  I did take pictures, thankfully.  As it is now quite messed up with a Christmas project I am working on.  I sure hope I can get it done.  I had a good start on it and it seems to have skidded to a screeching halt since the effects of taking care of Ozzie and the storm fronts that have washed over the area have taken effect. 

Here is a project in progress, it is the first quilt I ever started.  I still have yet to finish it, but I am now closer than ever!


He has the camera on a stand so I can hold it with out dropping it!  Woot!

Jason’s next Tee Shirt Quilt.



Stay tuned for more progress on this one at a later date.  This is not the project for Christmas, but I did need the left over tee shirt fabric for the Christmas project.  I am recycling and I am thrifty! 


I’ve been taking pictures of this as well so I hope to be posting those.  But I can’t until I get my project finished and the gift has been received.  So for sure you will see my craft pictures. 

A quick picture of my organized and clean craft room, it has taken me months to get it in order.  I just work at it a little at a time in between resting.  I do feel proud that I got it finished!


Thank you Jason for making me such a lovely place to do things in!  It is my goal to get a better chair to work in, but a little at a time I do just fine.

I didn’t take any pictures of the catastrophe it started out to be, suffice it to say it was horrible!

Jason’s already been itching to read this menagerie.  I feel bad for not posting earlier.  I was either too tired from having a really productive day, or too miserable to write lately.  Today things fell into place once again! 

I feel good that I wrote!  Maybe the anxiety I’ve been feeling will dissipate.  The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson just popped on!  So I will bid the night ado.

I just want to say, that on Christmas Day I am looking forward to attending the opening of the movie Nine!  Not so sure Jason feels the same way, but at least he will have a movie filled with gorgeous legs to watch for a couple of hours.  I am sure he will be able to handle that!

Well I am off to wash my face then off to never never land with dreams of sugar plums and a healthy crew of boys when I wake up in the morning!

Peace and Blessings!

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