Wednesday, December 23, 2009

mY sUpEr MAN!

My SuPeR MAN.  He’s not invincible, he is just incredible.  Today once again he has been wonderfully amazing.  After working a 24 hour shift and then heading to a teaching job until just after noon, he came home ate, and headed off to renew the license for his Jeep.  (I had tried to do it on their online system to no avail.)

He was able to also take a couple of Goodwill Coats to see if they could be cleaned.  We found out that for a $75 apiece price tag that they could indeed be cleaned.  No thanks, dirty is just fine we decided! 

He also was able to get another license updated as well on his journey.  He had just settled down for the evening when I discovered that I needed him to run an errand to yet another town.  He has even done some sweeping and cleaning… Hmmm?  He is earning lots and lots of brownie points, that is for sure!

Bless his heart, he had no complaints, no sour tone to his voice, no bad body language, just ok, let me know when. 

So he is off right now on his third trip of the day!  He just as well have traveled to some distant place for all of the mileage he put on today. 

So sweet he is!  So appreciated he is.  Wow, he for sure is my SuPeR MAN! 

I wonder if he will want to watch a movie with me tonight? 

Blessings from a Grateful heart,

Pink Doberman

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