Saturday, December 19, 2009

gLuTeN pArT dEaUx

So I’ve decided to go through with taking the test to determine if I have Celiac’s.  I thought, heck why not.  If it confirms it and going gluten free is also a confirmation then it will be a double confirmation.  Even if the test turns out negative, which would be fine with me if it does, I will still be going gluten free for at least three months. 

I’ve hooked up with a dietitian at my fairly local Hy-Vee Grocery Store.   They have already been very helpful.  I am excited to give it a go. 

In preparation for the test I have been  eating more wheat.  Actually I am just cleaning out my cupboards of food that needs to be eaten anyway.  My tummy isn’t exactly happy these days.. But they say to eat the wheat products prior to the test. 

I probably won’t go completely gluten free anyway until the first of the year.  This is something that takes a bit of preparation and funding.  Besides cleaning out my cupboards and freezer is a good thing, it should be done every so often anyway!  Everything won’t be gone, but the majority.  Jason will still be eating gluten to some degree.  Of course that boy has no issues!

Well, this post is a short one.  I am not doing well in the thinking department today, not to well in the moving around department either.  I’ve made two very bad mistakes today in my medicated haze.  I may talk about them later… Just glad everything in both situations turned out alright! 

For now I will be quitting while I am ahead. 

Good Night!  Beijos!

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