Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PeRfEcTiOn inside iMpErFeCtiOn

As the holidays draw near, I am consistently reminded of the need to plan ahead.  In my youth, (a phrase which I suppose I am now qualified to use)  I wasn’t at all a planner.  Except in my mind.  The word dreamer would have more appropriately fit. 

Things do change as evidenced in my life.  Through a very long series of unfortunate events, I have grown.  I don’t mean to suggest that my life has been unfortunate.  It certainly hasn’t been or isn’t.  I’d just rather not have gone through those things at all. 

As I’ve grown and grown older, well I’ve persisted in breaking some of my less than endearing qualities. 

Procrastination seems to be one of the latest to start to disappear.  I’ve been working on it my whole life.  Being timely… of which I am certainly not.. and having things done on time… which I’ve gotten so much better at.  I’ve improved in both areas actually… I was miserable at them years ago, and I can now be confident in saying that I’ve improved.

I start things earlier.  Well, now I have to.  Since my body can no longer handle pulling overnighters or multi hours of the same type of task or any task.  I am learning to start things well in advance. 

Like the project I just finished.  I started that project weeks ago.  Around Thanksgiving actually.  Working on it each time I would get the chance.  For 30 minutes here, an hour there, 15 minutes… 5 minutes…  what ever I could I just kept going.  I’d take days off in between due to other commitments and my aching body.. 

It was something that I looked forward to doing!  Something that I enjoyed doing.  I am not a pattern follower.  Those crazy things confuse me.  It isn’t that I can’t follow a pattern, it just takes me forever reading and understanding what they wrote.  Often times my mind skips things and I end up doing it wrong 3-4 times anyway..

So more often than not, I just start with a picture, or an idea and figure it out from there.  Drives others nuts.  My friends are all most all “Perfection People”.  I am a “Toss and Go Girl”  I can do something perfect, but boy, kick the perfect in gear in me and you won’t hear the end of it. 

My perfection streak is almost beyond pleasing.  Every once in a while it will rear it’s ugly head.  Everyone stand back because girl will not stop. 

It isn’t a fun place for me to be, and I would never get anything done, at least not much of anything.  Besides the energy that I use for my “perfection” is huge.  It causes more stress than it is worth.

So I do things with an air of creativity, a kitschy note of handmade quality and a flair for everything being unique even if it is the same!

New Camera 120

Kind of like this tree!  I just love this picture!  It is so beautiful.  Well, this tree is so ugly it is beautiful!  It has weathered years of abuse!  And it shines in its imperfections!  Perfection in Progress! 

What do you find in your life that is perfect because of the imperfections?  I’d love to know!  Please feel free to leave your comment!

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