Sunday, December 27, 2009


Ok so if you don’t want to read the depressing part of this post skip to the ***’s

Well as of late I have not been expending much energy.  My neck has flared up and no position is comfortable.  It had gotten to where I could do an activity and rest and do an activity and rest and be fine. 

I don’t know if it is the weather, or what, but Aie Yie Yiiie!  I can’t sit, can’t stand, can’t sleep.  GrrRSrstsGrs  

We’ll the snow’s been interesting at least!  I don’t know what I would do with out windows!  I love my windows, of course I would love more of them or to be running around shoveling and playing in the snow… but hey… I am happy with my clean and clear windows that we invested in! 

So much better than the leaky perpetually dirty ones that our home came with!  Yea! 

Well, Luka is starting to show his age.  I am not sure how much longer he’s going to be able to help me out.  Right now he is out of commission anyway.  His feet are still healing.  I’ve got to get some new boots ordered as well. 

I did manage to find a place that gives a discount on boots to service dogs.  They are a Canadian company.  I’ll share more about them later. 

When his feet finally heal this time, he will be wearing boots everywhere.  So his feet can’t be cut up anymore. 

Hopefully we have his allergies under control now so all should be well after this episode.  Thank goodness for Porter Ridge Vet Clinic and all of their help.

I talk about this because this is my priority for the day, insure that he gets fed and that he gets his medication.  Get my self fed, and not to do anything that may make me feel worse. 

I think I over did, now that I think about it… I helped Jason take pictures of kids yesterday.  I had a great time and was feeling well so I probably moved around more than I should have.  grrrrrr…  Or it could just be the weather, it is changing..   hmmm..

It was fun, don’t think I’ll do exactly the same thing again. I will help but do so in a more directive way instead of directly involved way.  Hope that won’t make me come across bossy. 

I’d sure love to be able to do more than talk at people.  I’d like to do things to interact as well….  hmmmmm…   I need to think about it to figure out how!

The snow has staved off some prospective visitors.  I figured it would.  Plans have been canceled adjusted for everyone around here. 

It had been nice to look forward to people coming over!  I have been happy planning to have them over.  I am still happy even if plans have changed.  Knowing that they thought enough to consider stopping by means allot! 


The better part!  It has been nice having Jason home allot, he’s been on his break, so with all of the snow, he’s been having a time of it for sure!  It is nice though to see him happy about finishing things!  You can scoop a drive and be feel like you’ve accomplished something, you can see what you’ve done! 

Put a fire out!  You can tell you did well, when the fire is gone and you have all the gear cleaned and put away for the next one.  While the things he has been doing have tired him out, they have been gratifying for him.  Which is so nice to see.

He managed to get the couch we no longer wanted out to the curb for the garbage guys.  Not the one I had put the picture up of but another.  The one we were going to post on Craigslist well, we decided to keep it!  It works perfect where a kennel used to be and Luka really likes to lie on it.  So we’ll be keeping that one. 

He asked a friend over to help him!  Miracle of Miracles!  So together they moved the $50 tread mill downstairs.  It doesn’t work that well, I am hoping he can study the manuals that I downloaded and he can make it work better.  As of now, it will move when I stand on it, but when he does, it won’t move an inch…. I think the motor is on its way out.  Oh, well..  It is something at least. Hopefully my neck will stop yelling at me and I will be able to use it!

He did manage to make the generator work again!  He persisted in that endeavor and used his non existent small motor skills to make it roar!  So if we loose electricity we will be all ready to go! 

We’ve gotten to talk with family and friends, our neighbors are great.  I didn’t get out with any gifts for them but hope that Jason can deliver a few things later this week.  Wish I could have baked some goodies.. but well, that isn’t the way things went for me. 

We did end up getting our share of things, good thing I haven’t gone completely gluten free yet.  Cookie plates were delivered and devoured.  We even had friends over before the major second snow storm.  That was super!  We hadn’t gotten together in months and we all really had a great time!  I was feeling good that night so I cooked and everything! 

Jason’s Jeep has had a little problem with the cold.  Poor Jeep didn’t really want to start after staying outside all night.  He’s really gotten spoiled by our nice toasty garage.  Jason is going to get some sort of heater thing to keep him cozy when he has to sit out while Jason is at work.   I can completely understand, I don’t start well if I am cold either!

So I am not sure what direction to go with Luka needing to retire.  There is a local training group that could be utalized that could cost up to $2600 OUCH! 

I could go without.  Which would mean I wouldn’t be getting out on my own much at all but we’d save money and I’d probably be back to taking more medications as my migraines would have the potential of getting out of control again.  Jason would continue to have to take his time to do all I needed to do with me.  Groceries to clothes shop, or whatever I enjoy giving him a break, and I like to get some independence back.  He still ends up doing quite allot for me but with a Service Dog he would have a break and know I was better cared for when he wasn’t around.

I could other training facilities as well.  Some may cost more or less, but would have travel expenses.  They may be better equipped to train a dog for the needs I have as well. 

I could also do something called owner training.  Well, I would never do it all myself.  I would have to hire a trainer to work with us.  Attend classes, or have the trainer come here to train us to do what I need.  Some days I think I would be good at this but most others I don’t believe that this would be something that would be the best choice for me to do. 

It is difficult, I can go around the house quite well as when I get down on the floor and can’t get myself up, I can crawl to something of substance and get myself up, or I can lie down until things start to work again.  Jason often comes by and will lift me up, Luka does too, but I also like to do it myself if possible.  But out in public, in stores or what ever, I don’t know what is stable or what will fall on me or break if I use it to boost myself up.  Don’t know what is slick or what will distract me.  Home is known, so most times I am able to pay enough attention.  Out in public, getting distracted, focused on different things, overwhelmed by different people, large areas, small areas, kids, noise, etc.  It all effects me now.  I am so much more sensitive to environments than I have ever been.  Even more than before the accident, when I also had difficulty. 

So I need to figure out what to do.  Jason and I need to figure it out.  Get a plan and start going on it. 

Wow, lots to think about! 

Blessings and wonder!

Pink Doberman

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