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Ozzie at Bengstons in Style Ozzie, having had the perfect dog is always a difficult thing to over come.  Not one other will ever measure up.

But then should there be another?  Each one is unique like a snowflake, and really while the classification may be broad with in the classification each is unique.  That is the beauty of life. 

When Ozzie was growing up, he was hardly the “perfect dog”.  In fact, far from it.  He would chew chew chew, he would dig




Another thing he could do was JUMP…

Yes, he could jump up onto a 6 foot fence and climb over!  Talk about nightmares! 

We had made this perfectly safe dog area, complete with an area to run!  He would dig under the fence, climb over the fence, howl till no one could think straight. 

Countless hours were spent chasing him all over town.  It was a daily event!  We struggled so much with keeping him at home. 

His nose would catch a scent, and he’d be off!  Oblivious to EVERYTHING AROUND HIM!  Much to our frustration!  Once we’d catch up to him he wouldn’t come to us, we had to go get him.  GRRRR… 

Many times his name was cursed!  He wouldn’t sit, he wouldn’t listen, he wanted to do whatever he wanted and not listen to us.  He would pull constantly at the end of the leash… 

 Ozzie copy

Jason thought all of these things were cute, until the police started getting involved.  Three Howls and he was brought inside, 4 hour car driving frantic searches… praying that no one would take him for their own, or that he’d be run over…   

We found him each time.  He taught our Jag to also take  off and run..  so much fun, chasing two dogs… at least Jag would come when called for me.  Not Ozzie, we’d have to go trekking through alleys yards… 

Once we found him just after he’d rolled in a pile of dirty diapers.. He’d chewed them open and had baby poop all over him!  OMG!  His name was cursed that day! 

But the more that they frustrate and challenge you it seems the more that they are loved adored and protected by you. 

To our relief, the older he got, the better he got.  After years he succumbed to Jason holding him like a baby.  He would come to you after an escape ready for his ride home in grateful arms. 

Brady 003

In fact he loved riding in cars, but he especially loved his excursions with Jason in the Jeep!  He could stick his nose out and just smell the countryside.  He was in heaven then!


He and Jag were the best of buddies.  Oz started out so small he fit in the palm of your hand.  We thought he was a beagle.. He was a rescue dog and we didn’t know much more than that about him.  Well, turns out he was a Foxhound. 


We chose to pick him out, as he was the orneriest one of the litter.  We knew his big brother Doberman Jag would want to play, and we needed to find a suitable playmate.  Oz definitely fit the bill there!

After many long years of loving him he finally passed away earlier this week.  He was a fighter and fought till the end.  He loved being in Jason’s arms, and would perk up each time we’d come in the room.  He’d be right there to greet you and he loved to get his paws on a real bone and chew and chew!  Most of all he loved to smell everything that life had to offer!


He was loved, will never be replaced and will always be remembered!  He was unique!  He was ours.

Run Baby Run over the    Rainbow Bridge!


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