Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PiNk DoBeRmAn = ArTiSt

Some things are not dramatic.  I think that is just fine.  Sometimes the simple things that cause no notice are the absolute best. 

I am all about fashion of course, I have been that way since I could speak.  However these days I really gravitate toward the simple classic things that you can wear over time.  I started doing this about 10 years ago, as taught by my Mary Kay Mentor Joyce.  (I secretly think she knows everything)  Well mostly so anyway. 

At any rate, as I go through my life I realized when it came to choosing what went in my life at least for the long term was going to be a classic.  Car's excluded... My first car that I purchased was a little sporty Nissan with a sunroof two doors, and about as much room inside as a carry on suitcase.  It was black had headlights that flipped up and I adored it.  Needless to say my father was less than proud of my purchase, as he prefers white cars and would always choose the stable variety over the sporty one. 

Those were the days when my taste in clothing, men, and, pretty much everything else changed every five seconds.  =)  Impulsive, carefree, delighted, living on a cloud... my life was glorious. 

I remember who I was then, I carry her with me still, if I am not careful she'll explode and pop out and create all sorts of messes!  Happy ones! 

Practicality can be boring, but consistency does breed security.  While many people including myself strive for a life that goes great all of the time, the consistent moments can easily all blur into a moment and you will feel as if you've never lived.  Mixing life up adding the creative side to the practical side makes my life so much richer. 

I have the opportunity now to enjoy both, where as when I was younger I don't think I would have grasped the duality in such a blending manner.  It isn't as I have set out to follow my life along a certain path.  I have at some points, mainly I've focused on setting goals that help me to achieve dreams. 

For some time now I've not been a very good dreamer.  I've struggled with finding a dream that I feel I can make come true.  Wishing for my past paths is not going to get me anywhere, and finding a new one has been a challenge that has taken me years. 

I have gifts and skills, I am blessed, I know this.  I am grateful.  But when you are given gifts at least in my case I have a guilt inside if I am not utilizing them at least in some degree.  God doesn't make junk!

So I've been looking for a way to turn my gifts into something realistically achievable with my current physical and mental abilities and stamina.  It didn't really click for me until Jason wanted a camera again.  (I've always loved taking pictures, I did so as a child, in 4-H)  I enjoyed it.  I can't say I was ever that good at it, but I had fun with it.  Over the years I improved.  I even dabbled in a bit of editing that I picked up through my sister.

At any rate, he started going crazy with taking the pictures, bringing his prizes back to show me after his morning adventures.  I've had a bird feeder for some time out my window, and I began grabbing the camera for a few shots of the birds.  (couldn't hold it for much longer than that)

What do you know, I improved, my strength holding the camera improved and well.. my hubby enjoyed it and I enjoyed it.. so we've now created our own little "hobby business".

I am an artist.  A Photographer. 

I am able to combine my classic with my artistic, and continue living my life in a way that interests and excites me.  I will venture to say that I won't be becoming a millionaire..  But I'll be giving my mind something positive to focus on and creating art that people can enjoy. 

These past 6+ years I have only been able to banter around in my home or lay in bed in my room much of the time.. the art on my walls and the birds outside my window, have been a great distraction and interest for me.  When your body stops being able to move easily, your mind finds other ways of looking at life.  (If you let it.)

What I used to never notice or pay attention to I now am able to spend more time studying, and really seeing what is around me.  Listening to what things have to say, feeling an emotion when I see an image, really take the time to appreciate something instead of quickly glossing over something and never really comprehending the beauty, the thought behind it, or the intention of it. 

My grandmothers both shared this side of life with me.  In different ways.  One grandmother was all about photos and family history, the other was about the birds, and butterflies outside her window.  Both took the time to really understand and to soak in what it means to be apart of this life.

The pictures I take are not really the important part of the equation, the important part is what you feel when you are in their presence. 

I hope you take some time to appreciate the beauty of the things around you.  Feel what it is saying to you.

Pink Doberman

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