Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coffee Mate

Hey, things are shaping up pretty good, I have really been focused on doing as much as possible which sometimes means I don't get around to writing. Today my arms and back are doing better, but my whole body seems to be exhausted so I am planning an early night of it. I have been so busy doing things, today after sleeping til almost noon, I tried to get up earlier, but just couldn't do it, Hee Hee... I just must be needing some sleep.

I did try coffee today with coffee mate in it for the first time. I think I like it. It was french vanilla coffeemate the sugar free kind, my friend had some and suggested it. It is even dairy free!! Woo HOO! I needed a boost and it tasted great. I don't drink coffee much at all but sometimes it just suits the day, especially as they are getting colder. I usually have hot tea.

I even precooked a couple of things for tomorrow tonight since I had the idea and the time. You never know how tomorrow goes, and this way food will be easier to prepare. The chicken is cooked and so is the corn bread! I am so in the mood for corn bread! I added cheddar cheese and some spices like the recipe suggested, I didn't add the spices the recipe suggested because I don't have them but I chose some others and I think it will be fun to try tomorrow!

Well Tchau for now!

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