Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dr's Visit

Going to this Doctor usually involves allot of waiting, which I have decided is just fine with me. As when he does finally get around to seeing you he does take all the time with you that is needed. I appriciate that.

He's the Dr. that figured out some things to help take the major daily pain away for me so that I could sit in a chair for a little bit and read a book or sit at the kitchen table long enough to eat a meal. Before he figured that out, the pain I was having would prevent that. So for YEARS I would not be able to sit with everyone else or enjoy the same freedoms as I once had.

Today, I am experiencing some of that again.. Taking a Break for a bit.. Can't sit here at Jason's desk to type long... I'll come back to explain why

I am back now.. While I was being seen, he decided to check out my neck, by physically pushing on the bones in my neck to see where I still hurt or if I did. As I am receiving Radial Neuropothy Injections every 6 months or so that numb out all most all feeling. I knew for sure that one area was still painful, but most areas were still numb, and that this area never felt numb after this last set of injections. Which is fine, trial and error to see what works the best, I understand, as getting these injections isn't the safest thing to go through. And getting allot of them as I do isn't the best thing either. I've been able to function ok but still experience some neck pain and so I just stop activities sooner rather than later. No biggie, I still get to do things, unlike before!

But because he spent a few minutes pushing around on my neck, now all of my neck muscles are in a "flared up" state, and it is making it more difficult to hold my head up once again. I have taken some meds now so hopefully the pain will stop. But I will be resting most of today, as I feel so yucky. It is noon and I still need to eat breakfast, but just can't bring myself to eat yet. I feel nausiated, Jason shared with me that that is my word of the year! YUCK! I need to find a more fun word.

Oh, and the Dr. did end up asking about SEX? If my migraines were better or worse with SEX... Well??? That is a whole nother topic for a whole nother day... GEESH, I think Jason turned about 100 shades of red!

I did end up getting a new Mary Kay client yesterday though! That was pretty cool! She found me online and having just moved here she needed a consultant! Woo Hoo, I was able to drop off what she needed yesterday, and she is super sweet! That and the two phone orders I got from current clients were the highlights of my day! I did giggle alot when Jason turned RED!

Back to bed for now... Tchau..

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