Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hey, now that I have started this blog, I've been having a hard time getting to the computer to write. I've now got my new battery for my computer and a new cord on the way, can you believe, that they both went bad at the same time. I currently have my computer plugged in but can't move it because if I do my cord will short out.. GEEPers!

So, that has meant for the past several month's since they've given me problems, I have had to sit in a regular chair instead of my bed to do anything on my computer.

So understanding that the best way for me to be pain free, or have the least amount of pain is to sit in a slightly reclining position with my legs propped up. So this is the way I have spent the past 4 years, and will be spending much time I guess.

So I can't wait for my new cord to arrive so that I can have my computer back on my lap so that I can type more pain free. So enough about my (aching complaining..) pain in the back..

I am excited also, as my new helper "LUKA" is becoming my constant companion. This is taking some getting used to not only from Luka, but from me as well, not to mention my wonderful hubby Jason. As I am wobbley, get dizzy, (yes- I am also blonde so I've been given a double whammy) get migraines, sciatica, back pain, bursitis, arthritis, numbness, tingling, stabbing pain, and can't see good sometimes. HMMM... really I am not that old! But my 78 year old neighbor, has many of these same issues as well, and sometimes I feel as if I can't even keep up with her.

Luka, is around to help me with staying stable on my feet, as I (frequently) have problems, getting up from the floor, I get down just great, sometimes too great! Helping me on the stairs, especially those stair cases with out a great rail or two. When I can't see as well he is good for steadying me on my feet, as well as when I am dizzy. Since my migraines can come on very quickly he will also stay by me while my med's start working. He is also able to help me with various other things as well.

Luka is a 98lb doberman. He is a blue doberman, dobermans come in black, red, fawn, and blue. They are known for being "velcro dogs" meaning that they love to stick to you like velcro. They are very attentive and are great family dogs as well, those of you who've known me for some time know that I've already had two dobe's and he's our third! I would have never guessed that I would end up needing a service dog, but since Jason works ALLOT, I am glad that my service dog ended up being a dobe!

He is a gift, someone else had trained him and couldn't use him any longer due to progressive health issues, and we ended up finding each other. How great for all of us involved!

Luka may even end up being able to tell me when a migraine is beginning, so that I can take my meds sooner and have less problems and need less medications. But even if he is never able to do that, he has already proven himself to be a blessing to me, by giving me the opportunity to be more independent.

No one wants to go out into public, go into a store, grab something off the bottom shelf and not be able to get back up on your own and have to wait for someone to give you a hand... No one also wants to get a migraine while alone, and far from your hotel room, not being able to see, and not knowing anyone around to get help from, getting dropped off from the taxi driver at the wrong entrance to the hotel, because you were in so much pain, and you were so scared of being alone and not able to communicate properly, not being able to make it up the stairs to the hotel on your own and having to wait for some one gracious enough to take time out of their schedule to help you inside. And help you to your hotel room.

See, these things have happened to me.. amongst other things, and when you are not able to do basic things for yourself but you look perfectly normal wow! It becomes very difficult! The checker looking at you like you've got four heads when you insist that you need help out with the bags... etc..

Jason is always so great about helping me with everything, so mostly over these past 4 years the only places that I've gone have been with him. Early on I tried to do it all on my own, or as much as possible, but when I get migraines so often and they don't come with a warning, that became impossible.

Other people's lives are busy with the event's that they have going on and I am always ever so grateful when someone offers to pick me up on the way to an event, or invites me to a party and arranges a ride for me. Many times this is the only way that I've been guarenteed that I can go somewhere. I love the walls of my home, inside and out, but it sure is nice to be with others outside of them!! I have the best friends ever!!

As I don't drive much, the car that I have isn't comfortable to drive at all, some are better for me than others, but this one is the worst, but I am very grateful for it of course!! It gives me the choice of being able to go downtown! And that is GREAT! I look forward to getting a car that supports my spine and my arms! So that I can drive more than 30 minutes with out being in terrible pain.

That being shared, I am writing all of this here to give those in my life with questions about what is going on with me to find a place to understand what I am going through with out myself or Jason having to go over it and over it. We understand that you care about us and we would like you to know what is going on but, we are really focusing on making our lives the best that they can be, doing as much as we can and being as positive as possible! We are happy to answer questions too! And to talk about what is going on with us, hopefully this blog will give you a basic understanding. Feel free to ask away!!

Some day's I am quite active, and others not so much. As I write more you will understand that better.

But for now, I've really got to go, my arms and hands are falling asleep as I type.. GRRR...

Tchau for now!

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I'll be reading! Thinking about you!