Monday, October 20, 2008

Computer Broken... =(

Well, today I am writing from my hubbies computer. My computer has broken. Literally, not something to do with software but the actual computer the part where the power cord plugs in. I am hoping to get it fixed soon.

I've been doing quite well lately, for me at least. My dad and his gal (Gloria) came to visit, the visit went nicely although I wish it would have lasted longer. He's a busy guy these days.

Jason and I had been pretty busy the days before their arrival getting the house ready to go. We hadn't really done anything to the inside of the house except keep it picked up for some time. Some things had fallen apart, others had gotten worn out. We did our best to get things spruced up a bit before they arrived.

I was actually amazed that I did as well as I did. I took frequent breaks and was very careful about how I did things and I managed to get quite abit done! Woo Hoo!

It is always frustrating to be the one sitting and watching while others (mostly my awesome hubby) does everything around me and for me. If I feel the slightest bit icky he won't let me do anything. I guess I don't blame him, but it sure becomes frustrating especially for someone who's used to doing what ever she wants, when she wants to, with out relying on others for help every five seconds.

I can't blame him for his protective attitude, actually I am thankful for it, I am sure that I would be in worse shape than I am now if it weren't for his support and care. I seem to be able to cause myself days to weeks of pain while doing the simplest of things. When I do that , this causes him more work, and more worry about me, so I am TRYING hard to be a good girl, and not cause either of us more icky stuff.

So my dad arrived on his own before Gloria, and we went to town and he drove me EVERYWHERE to look for more of the sticky linoleum tiles that cover our floor. We hadn't bought more in quite a while and our floor was looking particularly shabby, we only had 3 spares left and needed 2o or so. We went to Menards, Lowes, and Home Depot, in fact before we went to Lowes, Jason called to check to see if they still stocked the tiles. They said YES, so we drove clear across town to get them. As it turns out NONE of the stores carried them.... FRUSTRATION! I knew that we were going to have to start saving up for a new type of flooring, we had been hoping to stave off this more major home repair project for another year or so until we had more prominate things done... Hmmmm...

Dad was so great! He drove me around to all these places waited and helped come up with solutions, we ended up buying a few tiles of something different, just so we would have something to put on the floor... But I certainly wasn't happy with this solution but, it would have to do I figured.

We left Lows just in time for Dad to drop me off at home before he went to pick up his Canadian Girlfriend, she was to arrive that night. They went to visit friends before coming back to see us, and in the mean time we were able to finish some more projects.

Here is what the floor currently looks like..

It used to cute, and now it is a tripping hazard as little pieces keep flaking off. Yes, it was one of the least expensive floor tiles, but it also suited our style.

Dad and Gloria called before arriving, we had gotten the bright idea of calling around to other flooring suppliers, we turned out to be so lucky! Mrs's B's had tiles on SALE at 9 cents per tile, that was like $4.80 per box HUGE DISCOUNT! They weren't exactly what we were looking for but at that price we could afford to redo our whole floor. To make it even better they were of a much better quality, and Dad and Gloria agreed to go to the store and get them for us! Woo Hoo!

So now we have a huge stack of boxes in our garage! This will be a great project for Jason to do on a cold and rainy/snowy day! We will have a better floor and we will have gotten a great deal on it, and since my Dad was needing some Mary Kay products, I made him a trade since he had paid for the tiles at the store.

We ended up having a pretty quiet visit, we decided to go out for Chinese as it was past supper time when they arrived at our house. We decided to take the car..

We had just gotten seated into Dad's car that he lets me drive since mine was totaled in the accident, and the following one that I had earned in my MK business I had to give back because I wasn't able to work enough, and he doesn't use this car as he is usually pulling a fifth wheel around the continent, Jason started it up and it wouldn't turn over... (how embarrassing). We've really tried to be nice to this car as it isn't ours, and we are grateful for the use of it, and it doesn't and won't start. Dad even tries it... We end up moving all of Dad and Gloria's stuff over and taking his truck to the restaurant. I got ill on the way home and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom, I was so exhausted from all of the work preparing for their visit. The next morning I made Dad and Gloria breakfast, Dad and Jason started working on the car to make it work, and even made a trip into the city to get parts. I hooked Gloria up with a movie, and I continued fixing up the house picking up more things and finishing rearranging. (There is still more to do, is it ever done???)

I ordered Pizza which Jason and Dad picked up, I was so tired, I couldn't think of having to make something for lunch, I did however get Taco Soup started, a recipe I had just gotten from Miss Mary Belle! (She was one of my Mom's Hospice nurses, she became a Mary Kay client and is now a great friend and our resident "Grandma") So I did have supper figured out, I still felt icky, so after we all ate pizza I slept while the boys continued work on the car. I woke in time for supper, and to find they couldn't fix the problem on the car on their own.

Soup was great followed by a movie and then off to bed! We all got up the next morning, Dad and Gloria off to the next sister's house, and Jason and I off to the Dr's office then my neuromuscular massage appointment.

Today, I ended up talking with my Career Coach, she is helping me figure out what options are available for me as my life moves forward. I will talk more about this transition later. I have so much to say, but I can't type for that long at this moment. As I am sure you are tired of sitting here and reading what I have written.. Hee Hee.

So for now tchau!!

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