Sunday, October 5, 2008

Auto Accident!

Ok so this is the begining of my story of how I came to be the Pink Doberman! This will give you an over view of why I began to write. I write to remember, and I write to get better, and I am also writing to help others understand why I am different than I was before, but I still look the same.

Today is October 5, 2008 I wrote this some time ago, It should give you an idea... Please forgive all of my spelling and gramatical errors, I've never been the greatest at that and when you combine pain and medication, well, the effort is extreem just to get it typed out for me, so I am happy with that, error's and all!

BLOG Day One of writing...August 6, 2005
Today is a new day!! Well this month is my Mary Kay Anniversary and the one year after my car accident marker. With the popularity of online Journals I thought I might begin one for myself. My husband pointed out to me that it has been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I was in my car accident. Everyday has seemed to blurr together for me this year I have to admit. It used to be that everyday contained some new exciting adventure. I would meet new people do something great that would make them feel a bit better. I would go someplace I had been a million times before or I would travel to some entirely new destination. But this year has been an incredible year. One year ago I was driving from a consultants home in The City to a client's office. I was driving down the street remarking to myself that I was so excited to be early for my next appointment. (Many who know me, know that I struggle with this.) Anyway, I come up a bit slower because this intersection had been deemed special by the road department, Where I see a man in his car on my right side looking at the traffic in the opposite direction (I could see that he planned to make a turn) I watched him as I was comming very close to his intersection I had slowed down a bit because there was this flashing warning light above that intersection and I waited for him to turn my direction and see me. You know how we all love to be noticed. Well that's what I thought this man would be doing next. Oh boy was I wrong. Zoom he seemed to fly out from his stopped position. I knew exactly what was going to happen next. I was already right there. He had never turned and looked my direction. Wow I was in SHOCK and trying as hard as I could to STOPPPPPPPP! BLAM!!!!!!!! the next thing I know I am stunned dizzy and coughing. Wow this is not how my day was supposed to be. You see I had plans to go see my client who incidentally is my counselor, she is helping me get over these NASTY Post Tramatic attacks that I have. I was going to show her these great new colors and then I was going to go home and feel much better about myself for getting through the junk in my head.Well life sure does have a funny way of making changes. Well mine it seems had had a glitch that day. My husband being a firefighter I have been on several accident scenes... He tells me what happened and things like that. I was still sitting there Airbag fully inflated I can't breath, My arms amazingly I thought were sticking streight out Locked and forming a wedge between myself and the steering wheel my foot was planted so strongly against the brake that I could feel my hip pressed clear back into my seat. I am not sure how long I sat like that things seemed to go in slow motion from then on. I remember thinking my car is still running. I had better shut it off. I felt around for my key. I was relieved to hear the engine quit. As the air bag started to deflate. I began checking out myself. My head My hands well you know the drill. I seemed to be all in one piece, I later found out that I would have been much better off if something had broken. Breaks heal much faster than other types of injuries I have found out.I didn't feel as if anything were broke but I sure did not feel good. It seemed like several minutes before some nice girls came to my car. I sat there durring that time wondering what had happened to the other driver. I had watched my car slam into his just behind the drivers door. Right before we collided I saw him see me. That must have been pretty scarry I was right, I mean right there. I saw his eyes get wide and then mine closed as impact happened. I wasn't able to get out of my car the frame around my door had gotten stuck and my hands and arms felt funny. So when the girls came over to my car I and asked if I was alright I said yes. That made me feel so much better just knowing that I had someone there with me. I asked them how the man in the other car was. They said that other people were helping him. They called the ambulance and the police and then I used their phone to call Jason who was at work.... Wierd to be calling him to help me. I had had to use their phone as that morning I forgot mine and decided that it would be better to forget my phone than to be late and driving too fast. Huh, it amazes me how life works. Had I turned around to get the phone I would have.... well anyway I am usually on it and that wouldn't have been good either.Well Jason the Ambulance and the Police were all on their way. The ambulance arrived first and they got me loaded up. I know to always get checked out. Jason's advice. Odley enough my friend from High School was on the Fire Crew that came to the scene. That also made me so happy. The doctors told me after xrays that nothing was wrong I was just banged up and would be better in a couple of weeks go home and rest. So I was pretty happy about that...The two weeks went by and I was no better my doctor told me it sometimes takes a couple of months. Ok I decided I will give it another month....... Sometimes up to 6 months...... well somepeople don't heal that fast mabey a year..... Well it's been a year today. Therapy Massage Work Out Dr's Dr's ER...... These things are still apart of my regular routine. I get migraines. The other pain in my body, I could still do lots of things while I have that, but the migraines, that's another story. I think they are clusters and I am now in search of anything I can do to stop getting them!!!! They happen sometimes 2 per week I wish they called before they came but they always show up unannounced. As you can imagine this makes scheaduling difficult. My opportunity now is to live my life around these episodes. Right now I am to have no stress and have nothing to do. No lifting Bending you know the drill not too much driving or really anything that could agrivate my neck (that is where the problem is).... I have had some really bad episodes again lately. So I am now taking it easy. Those are SCARRY. I held an On The Go Appointment today.... except SHE CAME TO ME. That works so great. I plan to have many more of those about one per day! Well until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 7, 2005
Mig today.... but I took my meds and listened to 4 church services on the TV and Internet.... I especially loved the Hour of Power Message and Joel Osteen's messages. Click on the addresses to see what they said. Sometimes it is so easy to get in the negitive spirit.... I seem to have been a bit discouraged lately. But to day I feel so fabulous I have wonderful new knowledge to use everyday.No weapon formed against me will prosper. I believe every day I am getting stronger and healthier. I am living a healthy life. I believe I have women flocking to me and my dream. I believe I am infleuncing others to create dreams and follow them. I believe I have no more migraines. I am claiming this from the Lord. I believe I have no more pain. No weapon formed against me will prosper. God brings me new clients continuously. I have no fear in sharing my dream with them. New clients and current clients are extremely loyal to me and are constantly bringing others to me for my services and my dream. I have a positively disciplined mind. I guard the doorway to my mind with God's positive word. I expect the best and I get what I expect. God Blesses me and those around me abundantly. Today is the day of Salvation. I am on the road to victory.I am not ashamed of my relationship with the Lord, Jesus will not be ashamed of me when he brings me to his Father.I am starting with a fresh clean slate today I have asked God for forgiveness Numbers 6:24-26 I am so excited! .......

August 8, 2005
I am reminded today of who I am. I am a person who never gives up, Always stays in the race, keeps looking forward. I am ever trying, I complete what I start. I have an unquenchible thirst for the next thing.. the future. I know tomorrow always brings new opportunities. I am so grateful for the person I am which makes it very hard to sit still and stay quiet. The Dr.'s want no stress in my life and I intend to be committed to my goal of becoming an even better person than I was before. Today was a day of REST, Jason and I had one appointment to make it to today with a quick lunch after followed by a much needed nap. Wow, I had been needing that. Today is my day to take it easy. I can't wait to start tomorrow and begin printing off my newsletter to you. I am so proud to be your director. Oh, I got 2 more MK orders. I love hearing from my clients. And I love hearing from you too.... So keep the calls comming. until tomorrow XO

Aug 9, 2005
Well another day is comming to an end. I am so excited. Do you believe that when you are ready everyone around you will be ready too? Well this month certainly has been heading that direction for me. I have been having so many of you calling saying that you are wanting to jumpstart your business! I LOVE IT! I have seen Denise K, Rebecca M, Monika L, Judy S, Lisa C, and spoken with Tricia H, Leanne M, Robyn P, and Julie P-S. WOW am I excited to watch you light up. As I have said I am living Vicariously through you for the moment. Yes, I am selling things and I have a class or two here and there. But I don't feel as if I am able to do what I really dream about. But through you I can. I am so excited for the classes on your books and the interviews you have planned. Today was awesome not only did I feel great but so many of you have been calling emailing and stopping by I feel so great. I have decided that I feel the best when I am helping someone else get what they want out of their life and their business. I FEEL FABULOUS! So don't hesitate to get in touch with me----- for any reason. I love to be bugged bothered bored and all the good things to-- by YOU! YOU Make me feel important!Thanks so much!XO TonjaAugust 10, 2005Great Day Great Day, It started off slow with an ache or two but thanks to my set up here I was able to work through it. I LOVE IT! Your August newsletter is on its way. I am reminded that I need to get my New PCP order in that's a good project for tomorrow after my Dr appt. Jason left today for TX to see his best friend get a promotion and to spend 5 days with him and his family. So for me it is a great opportunity to get well. I am so excited LeAnn M you called exactly when you said you would... and with another booking. Wow I love it. YOU ARE SERIOUS. This will change your life. Today besides getting your newsletters out to you I ran off CD's of the Latest and Greatest MK idea a MK ROCKS PARTY. I am so excited I can't stand it. I have been listening to it alot. AND I have added the supporting materials to my website... Training Center, Skin Care Class & Party Ideas then Click on the MK ROCKS Box! I can't wait to start holding them they are all the Rage! I feel so good to have worked through my aches... Yes I am still in bed resting and not being stressed out... I am having a ball! I love helping you get your businesses jumpstarted. You are such women of excellence. Today I also spoke with my neighbor Executive Sr. Sales Director Amy K. She is doing awesome and I handed off our newsletter to her. So she is reading what you'll be reading. I am so proud to be representing you. And Tricia even signed into the guestbook... Just as you said you would. Way to go gals! It is so much easier to sit here knowing you are all out making your dreams happen. I love hearing about your success's and interesting stories. I can't wait until tomorrow!

August 11, 2005
Today has been so busy for me.... I didn't plan for it to be but you know how that works. PT appt...Then off to the gym for an Arthritis Water Class, Drive Thru lunch and then home to clean out my office (DISASTER!!!!). I had problems with my printer two days ago and my warrenty assures me of someone comming over to fix it. I had to clean it so he would have a place to work... He made it and 4 hrs later I am getting a brand new printer!!!! YEAH! And I have your surprises almost ready to go... As soon as I recieve my new printer I will be sending them out. I had been hoping that the unexpected extra activity that I did today would be taken in stride. But as I am writing this earlier than usual I have just taken more medicine. Which I hope will start to work before I feel any worse. Tomorrow I have even more plans... by the way have I mention how much I love my Mary Kay Website. I love getting that Happy little email saying I have a new customer order. I've been getting so many of them. YaHOO!! Well I am off to rest so this medicine will work faster... I hope.

August 12, 2005
Well today has been a day of rest for me. The med's didn't work so good and I didn't end up sleeping. However, I seem to have made up for it today. I am now more awake and with more med's I am now having a bit of relief from my head. Some day's my hardest decision is wheather or not to go into the Emergency Room. Today was one of those days. Tomorrow has to be better! I know it will.

August 14, 2005
I just noticed I had skipped a day in here... Oh,well. Today turned out great. I woke up that way. It was a great day. After the last two it is so nice to get a good one. I got to see my friend for lunch who introduced me to two more ladies, I think I will get two bookings! Then I went and dropped off a Miracle Set to one gal she had already introduced me to. And tonight I added her to my PCP. Then, I met with Valerie B. she has become my newest team member, her sister is having a Pink Party with me next week. Her sister showed her the recuiting info in the Hostess Packet that I had sent and SHE CALLED ME!! She is going to be great. We met today and she got started. This happens so often I love it. And Jason even is returning LATE tonight from a week long trip to TX. He had a blast! Well until tomorrow.

AUGUST 18, 2005
Well I am finally home glad. I hated that I got sick I am so excited about my year. I have another new team member who will be signing into the guestbook very soon to introduce herself. And so many of you are doing so great I want to be right there with you to support you. The medicine that I need to take to get rid of my migraines is so strong that when I don't eat right and take very good care of myself it causes my body to shut down. I had a blockage that with a little extra care in the hospital was released. I am back to doing less than I want but at least I have all of you doing great things that I can hear about and be crazy happy for you! I am still in LOTS of pain. But it has started to disipate. I look forward to lots of more phone calls emails and guestbook signin's . There are some new things you need to be aware of that I have posted to the site this week. I would love for you to come to Awesome Autumn Advance with me and I would love for you to get all of your clients contacted the next couple of months before the TV adds go out. CLICK on the TV on the home page to find out why. Check the Unit Message Center for details on the AA and more about the TV adds from Pam Shaw. I have lots of clients that I need to contact myself and I have an idea for those of you who live in areas where I have clients. Give me a call!I look forward to tomorrow where my plan is that I am well enough to travel to my PT appt. And on Saturday I will be RESTING ALL DAY AGAIN!! And Sunday I have an EXCITING Pink Party that I am doing in Omaha. If you want to go with me and be my assistant let me know. I already have one assistant I could use a couple more. Starts at 3:30. Let me know. Until tomorrow.

August 19, 2005
Well it is 2 minutes till midnight and I am so excited I can hardly sleep. I called the hostess for my Pink Party tonight and she already has confirmed excited guests, she is working on getting more and getting outside orders. I have so far 2 New Consultants that will be joining me and we are going to ROCK! I can't wait to get her all the FREE MK she can earn. I have also just finished updating our website a bit more. I am loving it. If you ever need any Ideas this site is FULL OF THEM. WOO HOO!!!Today was bill paying day. I have more orders on my MK Website to fill and I have already had customers order the new color sets. Since I've been ill I hadn't gotten them ordered! OOPS> I am still in BED but Hey I am feeling better still very sore and achey but I am on Fire I can't wait. Tomorrow I am on the PHONE ALL DAY. It is going to be so exciting! Give me a call I'd love to hear from you. I have a great time here in my bedroom office with my Laptop and my pillows. I am building my business anyway I can and I am excited about it. YOU are all on FIRE! I love it! It's already tomorrow. Go check out the changes to the home page and the training center there are LOTSSSSS of them. WOW it was fun getting them!

August 20, 2005
Well the phone thing didn't work out the best today. I ended up not sleeping again last night and got a mig. So I am once again medicated. I did however rest all morning and afternoon. And this evening feel better. So I am printing some hostess packets for my class tomorrow. I am so excited about that I can't wait. I am using the Girlfriend Party info and the MK Rocks info. It is so cool!

August 21, 2005
Today is a great day. I am feeling good after waking up really late and I am off to work on my hostess packets and Girlfriend Party supplies. I have finally gotten the printer working. I am doing a Girlfriend Party this afternoon. The party went well and I had help from Rebecca Middelton and my newest consultant Valerie Barlow. They made my day easy and had a great time learning. I am excited for both of them to see what I am doing and how. When I got home I headed over to a client's house to drop off a reorder of the Timewise set. I love selling something that washes down the drain every morning and every night. Now it is off to rest.

Aug 22, 2005
Didn't sleep again last night, waking up with a mig again. This is getting soooo old. I had to get up early to go to the Dr's. Sprained neck and more.... off to the Neurologist next week. And a change of Med's to stop my spazing muscles... YEAh. I can't drive with any of my meds now which limit my activities even more. But that's the price I will pay for stopping the pain. To the bank to deposit my weekend $ and home to rest for the day. I got to talk to so many people today! I am so happy. Judy S, Valerie B, NSD Eloisa J. in Brazil, Fernanda, Debora, Natalie, and Robyn P. Lots of great plans going on and more fun to be had. I am excited. I found out that my unit in Brazil is growing like crazy. This makes me so happy. I am truly blessed by the most wonderful women. I am so thankful for each on of you. Until tomorrow.... I hope to be working out and I have Dr's orders to get some sun.

August 27th Saturday
Today, I stayed home and Jason took some things to the church for the garage sale and we cleaned out some things from the house. I also called 4 pages of my PCP list to follow up. Only 32 more to go. I have orders comming in. I am so excited. I haven't been writing in much a little spacy I guess. I have been to Dr's appts this week both Thursday and Friday and then followed up with H2o Aerobics. Tomorrow I am off to Papillion to do a great debut for Valerie! I am super excited. Sorry not to remember much more... but it has been a good pain free day. I am off to supper at the neighbors and then my meds.... Yipee...

August 29th Monday
Wow, have you ever thought you were doing nothing and then had more on your plate than you had realized. Well that's how I have been feeling. Talking to many of you I know that is how you deal with life on a daily basis... funny I really wonder what I did before... You see I have stopped doing almost EVERYTHING that I used to do. I don't do much around the house at all, no extra activities except Dr's visits and 1 Mary Kay appointment a week. But I have still found plenty to do. I am supposed to be not stressing out and taking it easy. So I am trying. It is like a full-time job trying to not do anything that might hurt my neck. Crazy is how it feels. I have so many fun things I want to be doing with all of you.I hope the CD's that I sent to you were a welcome surprise. I loved this CD. I found it not only to be funny but to be a great idea. I am already using the ideas and the jokes.. I am not the best at them but I am improving I have used them 2x so far. I hope you check out the supporting materials in the training center. Yesterday for the first time Jason went to the gym with me. It was so nice for him he had time to relax before going off to work. I got to go to do my new consultant Valerie's Debut. It sure was fun. She is going to do just great. I then came home and rested I had planned on calling more of my fabulous clients but my cel phone didn't work and needed updating. So that is what I did today.Dr's appt first thing this morning! Then off to get my phone fixed. Waiting for that to be done we ate bagels and went to the mall for the first time in over a year. I couldn't believe that I hadn't been shopping for that long. It seemed so wierd to be in the mall. I think I used to live at them. We hurried home so Jason could make it to work and I needed to rest. So here I have been for the rest of the day. We have tomato's in our garden. So I froze them today and I have begun making packets for our growing unit in Brazil. I am now watching the news at midnight here about the Katrina Hurricane, and thinking of Denise who is in FL. And all of those people who's lives will be changed. It seems like yesterday when I would have been one of the people activated to go assist with the recovery. It seems almost a life time ago. Well, Jason just got home and now we will go to sleep. Until tomorrow.

September 9, 2005
I haven't been in the mood to write lately I guess. I don't know if that there hasn't been that much exciting going on or if I felt like I would be repeating myself. Either way today is a new adventure for me. Jason has just left for Atlanta GA where he will go thru some new training before heading down to help the folks on the Gulf Coast. He is excited about being able to do something that he hopes will help someone. I am also excited for him as well. It has been pretty frustrating for him this past year. He wants to be able to fix me and make it all better. A thought that would be wonderful but as it happens has been impossible. Watching my pain levels go through the roof and having no way to feel like he is able to do anything has been very difficult for him. I am glad he gets to go on this "vacation" and find something that he can do that will make a definate difference. And it is always good to be apart from your spouse for a while. You seem to appriciate everything they do and who they are so much more. It is such a grateful experience. I think that is one of the reasons we get along so well. We each have a huge mutual respect for the other. Not to mention love and all of that. On another note. Since the Hurricane has struck I have been feeling more and more like I want to help others as well. As most of you know that is also what I am completely about. And just as my husband was unable to fix me. I have felt unable to help others, well at least as much as I used to. So I have begun this pink cadi carrivan idea. Tricia, Julie, and are all apart of it as well as other Units accross the US. I am calling all of my clients in the next 6 days to take their orders and set up some followup appointments with them as well. It is my plan to raise as much money as possible to help. And get my business tracking as well. I am so excited.My pains seem to be taking a turn, I believe for the better. I am having some hope finally with a new combinations of meds. I am still doing NOTHING!!! Which is sooo borring! But hey I will take it. I really want to get better as soon as possible. Then I can get back to my fun with all of you! I definately can't wait for that!September 17, 2005Today was a fabulous day. I got to go to the grocery store. When I got home I made some crackers and started making some cheese cake. I am so happy it really felt good. I haven't been doing the best some days lately and the med's I've been having to take make it so I can't drive. So life has been a little dull. I had good news though, Rhonda DeBey surprised me by becoming a Star for the First Time, and finishing up her Lipstick Challenge. Judy Sternberg finished up Emerald and the LC, and Robyn Patton finished up Ruby and LC. What a fun day the 15th was. I am back to walking at the gym and some more activity around my house. It is so strange to have Jason gone. He is in Baton Rouge and today made a trip to New Orleans. He says it is soooooo bad. A ghost city. Erie.... I am open to ideas dealing with siatic nerves. I have never had such a soar backside in my life. My acupuncturist usually takes the pain away but she is on vacation.... OUCH. Only 1 mig this past week which happened the day after I went to see my Dr. I go to that appointment and get all wiggled around to see how I am doing... then Kabluuie. Anyhow other days have been much better, thanks in part to me not doing anything. And in part to my new meds. I am hoping to continue to get better. I am working hard everyday to do things that will get me better. I have some excersises that I can do at home and then on days that I can travel to the gym I do what I can there. Until next time.November 4, 2005Interesting things... I am writing today, excited about this weekend. Therahlee's Color Party, Judy's Holiday Party, Next weekend Sheila's Debut! What fun. I keep thinking that I am getting better but at the same time I also feel as if nothing has changed. I had been thinking that the Mig's had gotten fewer. I now believe that I am just getting them under control faster so they don't take up the entire week. How ever this last one seems to have caused me 3 days of Yuck! I am however feeling better tonight! Which I am so grateful for. I am very excited to be rid of this one. Jason has asked me to stay quiet for the past days and the next week or so. Which I will be doing, I am very excited to be Migraine FREE! These last few days were once again doozies. I have stopped writing everyday as things haven't seemed to have changed that much. I feel as if I am writing some of the same things over and over again... And I really hate dwelling on all of the bad things. So I will just update everyonce in a while. I know things are improving and I am feeling slowly as if things are improving. I am excited about how all of you are doing with your businesses and I have some great ideas to share. Thoughts of you and your greatness and to better tomorrow's.

Hey, things are getting better I think!!! I am taking tons of a natural suppliment Ambertose... I am having alot more energy,, and so far my migs have become less frequent and less powerful. THAT'S the plan!!! I had been taking just a little of this prior to this week.. I went to an event and got the idea to take LOTS... so I am trying it. I will keep you posted. I went to a game on Saturday.. took some meds and went to P-Burg KS up and back in one day NO MEDS!! then yesterday I held an open house in Lincoln and took some meds.... Today I am RESTING!!! Mabey the gym. I am currently sitting in my office recliner typing to you and making your Holiday Presents..... He Hee HO HO HO!!! I can't wait for you to get them! ........................................

Well it is crazy lately... I had thought I was improving so much.. I think for the most part I am. I keep having set backs. Yesterday I got up feeling great went to draw my bath, bent over and WHAMMY something in my neck shifted causing MAJOR PAIN! I am back to hanging out in bed with my head and neck supported. And when you see me I might be wearing a brace. I went to the Dr. today... He found the problem. Worse than origionally thought C5, C6 are completely unstable, I had another MRI today, boy was that fun 30 minutes of complete stillness. LOVE THOSE...... AND My next appointment is off to see the NeuroSURGEON. I have that appointment on the 16th. I have appointments booked and I will be at them but I COULD USE YOUR HELP! Check out the Calender Page let me know if you want to go. I have got lots of things in the works so don't hesitate to reach me. I am not letting this slow me down much. I am just being more cautious and not doing what I don't have to do.Prayers are appriciated.

End of what I wrote at that time.

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