Sunday, June 21, 2009

dOwN TiMe

Lazy day, the sun is shining the humidity is high, I've called and spoken with my father, and my list of things absolutely needing done today isn't long. For some reason, today, instead of being highly motivated to go go go, as I am feeling well today, I have been just relaxing. I know that there is merrit to that. I realize the value in having time spent to ponder, or not be in a rush. I usually reserve this time, for when I am in pain. It makes me feel as if I am doing something even though I really can actually be physically doing nothing.

Yesterday went well, a trip to both cities, and errands, resting in between, and some cleaning of things around the house. Jason has been highly occupied with trailor preperation. It is almost fit to travel. He's had problems finding fenders for it, so the rocks don't kick up and destroy his perfect paint job. He'd found them once, but at the time our cash flow was limited. So being the smart man he is he opted to wait. He's found them when only one was instock, and has found all of the wrong sizes in stock, he has found several styles he prefers not to use, and many prices he'd rather not pay. It will happen, God's timing is perfect. It just might not be ours...

It isn't that there are things that I don't need to be doing. I have that big curtain project, the Alumni project (that will be getting alot of attention this week), a painting project, my garden (oi vei) .... Thankfully laundry is finished for the most part, the house is picked up, and the dishes, well there aren't many...

For the first time in a long time I feel comfortable with the amount of medication I have on hand, I don't keep it all together, so sometimes I feel as if I have no migraine pills left... I can usually dig up one that I put asside for emergencies. It had been difficult for a while to keep the funds available to have the medications. Even though we only have to pay the copay amount, still it adds up. One pill isn't covered at all, which over the past 5 years almost now, was a major worry. The pill that I take everyday so that I can drive and don't have vertigo, oddly enough is the one not covered. I am so lucky, the pharmacist in town, has given this medication to all of her clients at a reduced rate. While not cheap, it does help! I am so grateful! It's been many a day I would have some pain, or begining of a migraine, and I would take the over the counter meds when I knew I probably should have started with something more powerful. Not that if I can catch things at the right time that the over the counter meds wouldn't work. But many times I realize it is too late for them, but the cost is so much less for those that my chincyness prevales, and I take the less expensive, IDK if it is really worth it, as the majority of times, I still end up hunting down the stronger prescribed stuff.

Yesterday, I was also able to get out and weed a little under the cherry tree.. I found mushrooms growing under it! It has been so wet and muggy lately that I think they are popping up everywhere. I am not really used to seeing them much, having grown up where it was always dryer. I don't know if they will still be there today, I removed most of the flora cover that was being provided by the very tall crab grass, mixed in with my iris. I plan on planting some different bulbs, and other perenials as well some day, but this year I do still have some seeds left. I am sure it is too late to plant them for them to turn out well, but I really don't see the point in saving the seeds til next year, as the sprouting capacity of the seeds I am sure by then will be greatly diminished. I wasn't able to finish weeding around the trunk of the tree, but I do at least feel better that the rubarb that I had planted a year or two ago, will have a shot at taking up some more space, and some of the iris will be a little more apt to survive.

Ozzie our 13 year old Foxhound has been driving us batty lately. Not sure if he is angry with us, for lack of food donations to his meals or if he feels he hasn't gotten out of the house enough to sniff the world. Or he could just be 13 and having less of a holding capacity, he has been making accidents in the house for a few months now. It seemed in the begining as if he would do it when he'd be left behind. We'd take him out like usual, and even gone only for a short time, or allowing him to go to the basement, we would find an accident. Needless to say, his freedom has been reigned in. He is being locked up in his kennel when we are gone, and at night. He used to have free reign over the house. But these days that privledge has been revolked. Last night Jason took him out to relieve himself at 2 in the morning. Yes, I got up also, but the old man, has a mind of his own, and doesn't cooperate for me. He is deaf or nearly so, and refuses to be led around by his collar, more often than not I find that I use his collar to steer him and have to shove his rear in the direction I want him to go. Not that he does't know what I want.. but he usually doesn't want to go where I need him to go. The little stinker even does it outside. I don't like bending over and moving him along, it isn't the best feeling for me. So, even though Jason had to work in the morning, I asked if he would take him out. Once again Jason was the hero!

I was so excited yesterday too! I was able to attend a birthday party for a dear friend! She had a little reception at the Marriot for her birthday. Wow, it was so nice to go! Jason agreed to drive me, this was the first time that this group of friends had seen Luka. I haven't been able to get to see many of them for years, and so I was not only grateful to be able to show up to show my support and friendship for this inspiring young friend of mine, but to be able to have done things during the day, and still be able to do something in the evening was just wonderful! Her 70th birthday was held in style, she has survived, many things including polio, and has always been an amazing inspiration for me and many around who know her. Her attitude is always stellar, she outshines most people with many less problems! I remarked to Jason that it was so nice to be out on a weekend night doing something resembling a date! It had been forever since I saw the city all light up, we are usually in this area for emergency room visits, and I don't do much looking around at all.

I didn't say the remark to make Jason feel bad for not taking me out. It hasn't even been a possibility, between the money to do something like that, and the timing of it all, I usually am completely exhausted, or hurting by then and going out to sit in some chair somewhere is not at all something that I am excited to do. I hope though that it may be possible to have more great days, where I can accomplish something when it is light outside, but still be able to enjoy an evening out. Choosing is not fun, I have so much I feel behind in doing that I practically need to do those things, so they will always outweigh a fun or money spending idea. Except in very meaningful cases of course.

I am looking forward to the visit of a great friend not this week but next! She's going to come spend the day with me. Woo Hoo! I can't wait! I've been missing some friend time lately. Summer time as well as most other times, is so busy with people with families, and even those who don't have little kids... I think it has been almost a year since I remember seeing my sisters, more than that for many many of my friends who I used to see on a regular basis. I am really not a good person for really excited energized little ones to be around, I become very boring to them very quickly, and can't keep up at all. While I was never into chasing little ones around, I did used to be fairly good at entertaining them for a bit, or doing and activity or two with them.

We aren't making our usuall trip out this month for Jason to work at the hospital, so the friends I usually see on that visit is also missing this month. It does make things a bit more boring, although I can use all of that energy for getting more things done! For that I can be excited! As the list is long.

Well, things are starting to stir here, it is late afternoon, and it is time to do something becides ponder! It's been nice to just have some time. I have gotten some things done during this time that needed doing as well, I feel recharged and ready to start tackling the myriad of projects left before me!

Happy Fathers Day all of you Dads! You are invaluable! Thanks to Jason for being such a good Doggy Dad! & great hubby!

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