Monday, June 1, 2009

Michelle Obama arms!!

Constant reminders are everywhere. Things always seem to fall perfectly in to place. Lessons will all be learned. Reality is never as it seems. There is always more. Being happy is a state of mind not a situation. Dreams are abundant. The best gifts come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, all times, and usually when you least expect them.

Living in this world is not always easy, it is certainly not simple however you are in control of what you choose to think no matter what the situation, no matter what has been done. It is how you react to the things in your life that will strengthen your steel. Help you to rise above and overcome what comes next.

Today was one of those days where things did not necessarily start off the greatest. Medication had been out for 2 days, so I couldn't drive but today I didn't need to anyway. Just needed to be present and do my best. Jason got home and was relatively rested, as much as you can be after having worked the last 24 hours...

We got ourselves ready, which for me was a trick... it seems as if none of my clothes are staying on, or aren't showing off my bra through the arm pit. Really frustrating because I have clothes that I've been saving to wear for summer, and I thought they might finally fit me again.... NOPE, now they are too big! Before they were to small..... I really need to find clothes that fit!

We finally headed out the door, a bit behind so the early errands would have to wait. Gas tank got filled by using MK $ ( I have to get that put back so I can place an order) and we made it to therapy just in time. He ran two errands while my therapist Kristi worked me out. It was arms today. I am a big weakling!!! I am working hard at getting stronger! That is for sure. I have always hyper extended my arms when doing any activity, and I am learning not to. Learning to keep my arms in my shoulder sockets and get the muscles working together.

OUCH is all I have to say when my arms pop in and out of place as I lift the little weights. Just wait, I am soon to have Michelle Obama arms! ;)!

We then grabbed some Taco Bell on the way to our next appointment. I dripped taco sauce all over, Jason managed to drop lettuce and cheese all over himself... I just had to laugh, it was so frustrating, but at the same time so funny! We could choose to be angry and miserable at the bad drivers, our taco covered selves, and all of the lame things we were getting through, but we just were so grateful to be together even though covered in taco gooo. We made it just in time to our Thrivant appointment! John was great, helped us with everything, and we are getting some more things figured out.

We then dropped off some paperwork for one of Jason's many extra jobs, and we headed to a local resale clothing store. This was it! I was in town, I had a driver, I could try things on and feel icky afterwards and still make it home. These stores are great for me, besides everything being so much cheaper, everything is sorted by size. I don't have to sift through several sizes to find mine after I find a style that I like. I can just grab what ever appeals on the rack and try it on.

Trying things on is a must, as I don't know my body style anymore. Catalog shopping is out for the moment. I've got to get my bearings and figure out what sizes I need to order. It is freaky! I sure have changed allot. I would never have guessed it, I never even dreamed that I would EVER be like this. I am almost 40 and OMG!

We came home just in time to put the small pile of clothes on the bed, and for me to get some rest. I really needed to get rested up as we had supper plans. While I hadn't had a migraine today, I sure was having plenty of pain. The darvocet was working, and I could now lay down and rest. My body just seems to shut off and yell, NO MORE! I was aching but we had to go, our friends would be waiting.

They grilled out, we brought over a favorite bottle of wine, and we hung out and talked and ate, while their kids entertained us all. Sitting by the lake, the view was great, we came in just in time to watch the lightning show, and visit some more. As the storm rolled through I began to feel better, and now am relieved to just be a little achy. The night just got more and more fun.

We love having such great friends so close by!

I can't wait for tomorrow. I've got big plans!!

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