Thursday, June 4, 2009

HoW aRe YoU dOiNg?

How are you doing?

Hey, that is always a trick question for me. I am never sure what response the person asking is looking for. My quick and easy response is that I am doing great all thing considered! So if that is satisfactory stop reading right here!

In general, the I can't wait for tomorrow applies for me today.. but really I can considering what I have to look forward to tomorrow. How about I am doing GREAT, (in about a week!)
It has been a rough week for me, if you've seen my posts, I guess that is what you may be refering to? I am making lots of lemons into lemonade lately. ;).

I don't know if you read my blog or not, in that case... yikes! As I write this I am on migraine meds and soon to be pain meds if my body won't stop hurting so take that into consideration... I guess that explains more to the true state of things with me at the moment. My emotions a wreck, my physical self in pain, and more to look forward to tomorrow... ( oops I haven't writen about that yet)

Ahhh, so are you sorry you asked? =)

Things will always get better. I look forward to seeing all of the great things that everyone else has going on! I am always amazed at the distances you go, or the troubles that Ronnie goes through, or the funny things that everyone writes on Facebook. I love visitors, phone calls, and getting outside. My husband is the bomb, my dog's are fabulous, I've got great friends, family and neighbors. There is plenty to do, no reason to be bored. Sure things go wrong, bad things happen, and people just don't understand.

Compared to many my problems are minimal, then compared to more, my problems are not so small. I realize this. So in perspective, I am doing the best I can do today at this moment, with what I have.

Two friends stopped by today, how fun is that! One picked up some things, and another dropped off a beautiful hanging plant! In full bloom! I love it. She gave me a hug and helped me back inside the house. She'd come by yesterday too but I couldn't get out of bed to see her.

Jason had to help me get around all of yesterday, my body is just not happy with me lately, it doesn't help having had all of the commotion of the past few days I am sure. A person he volunteers with came over with some papers, I felt bad they had to wait, but Jason had to help me out of the tub, and back into bed before he could go help him. I got so sick yesterday.

It's happened before, I always hope it won't happen again. Tomorrow, I get to look forward to doing some lovely extension and flexion xray's of my neck. Like I need more radiation heapped upon me. But that's the way it goes I suppose. My physical therapist is going with me, as this type of neck bending in the past has caused me significant problems. I sure hope it goes well, but I am certainly not looking forward to it.

One good thing I guess, is we were supposed to both go to the dentist yesterday, but since I was so ill I couldn't go, and neither could Jason. We messed up their schedule for sure, so that is the bad thing. But neither of us were looking forward to that either, however I would have much rather gone to the dentist than go through what is now going on 42 plus hours of nausea..., migraines, pain, and fatigue.

I just keep hoping that it will end soon, we have tickets to a ball game, that is what I am hoping to do! We'll see, I've told Jason to plan for someone else to attend with him incase I can't. So we'll see.

I have been watching lots of PBS, and scanning through different blogs on the computer, as both require little movement on my part. I've even found some fun one's to share with friends.

So to my friend who's asked how I am doing?. I say managing. I've got lots of hopes and dreams! I've got plans in place, projects to do, soon I am sure I'll be up and moving again!

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