Sunday, June 21, 2009

iSaGeNiX Size 16 to Size 2! WoO hOo!

Ok, so oddly enough, I don't post for days and days, and now I am posting twice in one day. Hmmm. I've been going through lots of changes lately, some of them have been hard for me to see. Even though literally everyone else can. I think I am coming around! I am sure those closest to me will be happy about that.
So the change that has been taking place with me has to do with my weight. I have mentioned that I thought my weight was alright, I did. I had accepted the fact that since my movements are limited, and I don't have much stamana, and that if I move incorectly I will be in alot of pain. So having also accepted that I had also accepted that I at least right now can't do standard forms of excercise. So I thought there was really nothing more that I could do about it.
It isn't that I hadn't been eating healthy either. I really tried to eating as much fresh food as possible. But when you really don't move alot I guess that means larger clothing sizes, I had just accepted it. I still liked myself, and I was still happy. But now being able to actually cross my legs with out effort, and being able to get in and out of bed so much easier. I can get to my feet much easier, and while I never really noticed that I'd been changing exept for my clothing sizes going down, in the mirror, day to day, to me I looked pretty much the same.
Jason and a few other people close to me have voiced their concern about not getting much smaller. I hear them. It is not my intent, nor was it to even be this small. I truly did just start the Isagenix program for the nutritional benefits. I really wasn't thrilled with the prospect of having my bones crack and break as I get older. The doctors reaked me out pretty good, not to mention hearing my mother's voice in my mind about making sure I had enough vitamins especially calcium and vitamin D.
That was my and still is my main concern. So off the program I will not go! I love it! To me it is no different than eating Quaker Oatmeal for my breakfast. I now just have Isagenix shakes! I love it.
This has also worked out so well for me. I want to use the energy that I do have on things that matter to me that I get done or do. I don't think the time spent cooking should interfere with the things I want to do. But it did. If I were to actually cook a meal, I would not be able to do many other things. It just took so much energy to stand there. And since Jason cooks Hamburger Helper or some version there of most of the time if he has to cook... well, honey, I love you lots, I am grateful for the three years you fed me when I couldn't get out of bed to do anything. The Tuna Helper was great! I had food! I was grateful! But if I never see another, let alone eat another boxed meal except for an occasional Kraft Mac & Cheese, I would be thrilled!
So having the shakes that take a minute or two to make works perfect for me. I can make a couple meals a week and eat leftovers, things from the garden, and other fruits and vegies, and I am good to go! So is Jason! It is working so well for us!
I really hadn't planned on sharing with anyone about this. I mean people knew what I was doing it certainly wasn't hidden, but more and more people keep asking. I am honestly thrilled that they are! Even if it isn't something that they are interested in doing. Now, after all of the changes that I can see in me I feel selfish not sharing about it.
My friend who shared it with me, had great results. She is actually my retired Mary Kay National Sales Director. She has changed alot too! Wow! I will post some pictures of us! I just saw her, last night at the birthday party I attended. She keeps looking better and better too!
Not just about the weight thing, I think she's been at the same weight or about for 2 years now, since she started Isagenix. She had lost at least 30 pounds, and I've lost many more than that. But she is glowing her skin is looking better and better and she seems to be getting younger, at least that's how it looks to me.
So I've been doing the 30 Day program with addition of the Calcium and Vitamin D powder added in to my shakes. I change it up every now and then adding some of the other things as well.
I used to take a meal replacement shake, but it never did any of this. I didn't do that for the weight loss either, but the vitamins, but then they changed the one I used and I didn't like it anymore. This one tastes great, and has a cleansing program with it. I wasn't so sure about that either. But it works for me. I just noticed the other day, I can't remember the last time I actually got a pimple! Woo Hoo!!
Some of the people around me who've been watching the weight fall off have started using it too. I am excited about that. I can't wait to see what happens for them too! I've been on the plan since August of 2008 and it is now June 2009, I've been this size for a while, a couple of months or so. I didn't loose the weight fast, just about 3 pounds a week or so. I've lost around 50 pounds. I didn't even notice for a long time that it was coming off. What a nice surprise!
Jason thinks I look like a different person. I have to admit that has its perks! I still have the migraines, I still have the bones that slip around in my spine, I still have the arthritus, and all the other stuff. But I do have more energy, I am more hopeful, I can move around easier, do things a bit easier, my clothes feel better, I look better, I look healthier, and I am doing the right thing for having healthy strong bones! I am sometimes in bed all day long, other days just piddling with things around my house, other days outside in the garden, I drive when I can, and a few times lately I've been able to drive to my therapy appointments on my own.
I have muscles, the Isagenix plan helps you keep your muscles. I haven't had good muscles since the car accident, and keeping what I have and getting stronger is very important to me! Slowly but surely I am getting there!
So if you want to know more, I am happy to share with you, just like I am about everything. I don't mean to sound braggy or anything like that, but if I can do this in my condition, what could prevent anyone else from doing this if they really wanted to!
You can check out If you go to the regular site or the one that they gave me you will see the scary retail prices. So I don't usually share that one, because most people choose not to get their things that way.
Yes, I did sign up, so I could get my Isagenix at a discount! Much less expensive that way! As those of you who know me know, I hate paying retail for anything! If I can find a way to get things less expensive that is what I do! I am doing this because of the products, not because of the marketing. So please hear my heart and know that I want what ever you would want for you.
All of my clothes that I currently have have been bought at Goodwill or consignment shops, with the exception of undergarments, and I did get two new jackets.
That is why I started my Mary Kay business 17 years ago, and that is why I started Isagenix too, so I could get a discount. If others liked it great! But I am in this for me and my discount!
I guess that makes me a cheapskate. I didn't want the guilt of not telling women expecially my friends that the Mary Kay might work for them, so I guess it isn't too wierd that I feel guilty about not sharing about the Isagenix too!
So if you want to know ask me, if I say something to you, it doesn't mean I think there is something wrong with you, in fact skinny people who have problems gaining weight it helps them gain, it is nutrition and cleansing program not a diet there is a big difference!
As a note, my sister has been doing Weight Watchers and she has had great success with that! I am so happy for her! She is so good at that! She started that quite a while before I started Isagenix, and she did so well that they asked her to work for them too! I love it! She's doing what is best for her, and helping others too!
I think it is awesome! I am super proud of her for sticking with it! Whatever you do don't give up, most people do just before their big breakthrough!
As usual this was done in my regular blogging style. It is late I am tired, and proof reading and perfection are not the reasons I started this blog. If you decide this bothers you to much than please don't feel obligated to read it. Or you are welcome to edit it and make changes.

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