Friday, June 19, 2009

KiTcHeN SiNk?

Oh, my how many blog posts I have written in my head these past weeks... It really helps me to pretend I am writing these things down. I feel as if I have and they leave my thoughts. That is both good and bad I suppose, somehow I may have missed doing something I should have.

That's the way it goes. As I sit here in my usuall spot, in bed 1/2 up 1/2 down, propped up by a pile of pillows behind my back a couple of pillows under my knees, and a pillow under each arm to keep them propped, up while I type on my computer that is proped up by a large book sitting on my lap, on the bed keeping me company by my feet is Luka, and Shelby our soon to be adopted girl at this moment burrowing herself underneath all of the covers to my right. Ozzie is sacked out in his kennel to my left and the college world series is blaring out on my little tv. The ceiling fan is moving the air around, and my light is on but not super bright.

It is times like these, that I am glad that I didn't invest in fancy sheets and bedding, as the bed when Jason isn't home serves as my kitchen table, my office, my lounge, my movie center, and many other things as well. Not to mention the dogs, we used to never have them up on the bed. Not ever. We started with Shelby having arrived, as each time she'd run in the house she'd be on the bed. I know, I know.. but after months of this, and then getting Luka, well, I like Luka close by. With his age, he sleeps allot. I like having him near me in case I feel ill, and he is more helpful if I can nudge him awake if I need a hand up.

I am currently in search of some new service dog candidates. I would love to find another large male doberman. I am very good with the breed, and they do very well with me. I am not opposed to other breeds, but with my arthritis having attacked my hands, a dog I need to brush is out of the question! I was offered a Lassie style dog that is ready now... but way too much grooming needed! Certainly not fair to the dog!

I am also working on helping some other families find good dogs that match their lifestyles and needs. I like that! I am good at it! I can do most of it on the phone, and it is a great feeling to know that a good match has been made. These dogs, not even all dobie's deserve good loving homes. It is amazing and sick to hear about the lives they have lived. Some are just victims of the economy, but others are just victims of crualty or ignorance.

One thing that I have been able to do through out these past several years after the accident, is continue to learn, learn about the world, learn sign language, learn about this and that... I don't know what good it is doing me. I am not enrolled in school to get a degree. Sometimes I wish that were the case. That I'd been able to get hooked up with tuition and a school that I could pursue at my own pace from my home. Wow, by now I might even have some sort of degree... This August which is coming up soon, makes 5 years and most everyone finishes their bachlors degree with in that amount of time.

I sometimes, feel as if I've not accomplished anything. I know that getting better, and not getting worse is something! I don't know what that means anymore. It seems one step forward 3 steps back at times. If one area in my life goes forward, it'd be nice if the rest of the areas would jump on the train and follow suit.

Jason, is my hero, he is working so hard to make things nice for us, to make it easir for us and to make us more stable. He and his dad have taken on a great project that will help out so much. We had gotten a trailer to pull behind our Jeep so that I can carry all the stuff I think I need to go along with us on our trips. I travel with my pillows, (not all of them of course) my hair care, my hair is incredibly long now, and thank goodness for Panteen and Suave! They fit my budget, I must say it was hard to adjust from getting my hair done at least every 2 months if not every month, changing from this color to that, expressing a new mood with each visit to the swanky salon that I loved to go to. I miss my stylist Dove, she has lots of good things going! Her energy is contagous, and she is always on the look out for the new not to mention how to give back and be better. The last time I was at a salon, not even hers, I ended up with the most horrible pain and migraine... and have vowed to never do that again.

It is a pair of sharp scissors, and a friend that thinks they can cut streight that has become my new stylist. My hair color is all naturel, and my hair keeps growing! Yikes, it is now getting caught in the door when I get in the car. Gotta watch out for the next visiting person who thinks they can cut streight! Be forewarned!

In addition to my hair care, I need my skin care... speaking of that, I am so excited! I have just figured out I don't recall the last time I got a zit, like a big one, not even around that time of the month, which for years has been inevitable. I think it has to do with how I've lost all of my weight. My skin is looking great, my nails are doing well, at least when I haven't ripped them up trying to garden!

I've stuck to the same skin care routine for years now. I love it! I of course adjust as new items come into the line that I could find helpful. I am aging of course! If you look closely you can tell, but for the most part, not too bad! Every wrinkle that I eventually get, I am telling you that I will have earned! Even having lost all of this weight, having gone from a size 16 I am now wearing size 2, which I can hardly believe! My skin is awesome! I was worried I have to say, as I would loose more and more inches, I kept using the CelluShape Lotions.. I am not perfect at using them, but have really tried to be consistant. They sure help. I really don't know what my skin would have done with out them, and I don't really care to find out. I have to pack that stuff too.

Ok, so I am high maintenence! I know that! Jason knew that before he married me. So I like things the way that I like them, I always have. I used to spend an hour before high school focused on my hair. Those 80's do's were something let me tell you! Yes there are many pictures of my hair sculptures! Probably one of the reasons I thought I should become an artist! I've always been good with my hands, making things is not only fun for me, I seem to be good at it. I can usually look at something and make it. I hope to be able to do more making of things here in the near future. I've got lots of things I need to be making like the curtains. Speaking of those, I have packed my curtain projects a time or two as well, and might be doing that again seeing as they are still not finished. That garden project.... Oi Vey!

My clothes are another issue as well, however when I was packing in the winter, and a size 16 my clothes took up much more space. The last time I packed my clothes, it was warmer, not hot but certainly not cold. They took up so much less space! I could pack so much more. I could practically pack my entire good will/consignment shop wardrobe! I just bought something full price! It was hard to do, but this piece will be not only for summer, but spring fall and winter. It is a cute red jacket, it is on order. I am so excited about it it has a very tailored back and I became enamored with it at a receint Cabi show.

The red jacket was my choice based on the practicality of the item. So versital, I can wear it in many seasons and it is something not likely to go out of style! I like that! I had many other choices that looked great that I loved, and everyone made a fuss over, but I just couldn't see paying full price for something that would be seasonal. Especially on my budget. I will be looking for similar items at Good Will and Consignment shops. Those are nice to go to as well. Things in those stores are sorted by size! I love it! No more sifting through one style of top to find your size. At these stores, you can just look at everything on the rack, it should all fit you size wise even if it doesn't style wise. So wonderful!

I think at this point with the amount of clothes that I own that I actually fit, I could probably fit the entire lot into my tiny suitcase! But that is certainly not necessary, I have managed to actually eliminate a whole bag of stuff... My shoes! My shoes now fit into my clothing suitcase! OMG... I would have never believed it before. Being it is summer I wear mostly flip flops and sneakers, so that makes life so simple!...

The other things I pack are Luka's items, he needs a bag of food, bowls, toys, blanket, treats, poop bags, cleaning supplies in case of accident ( which usually doesn't happen, but everyone gets sick) he also now has a vest to wear when it is super hot out that keeps him cool, a gallon of water... his long leash, short leash, collar, and working clothes, not to mention the socks he usually wears because his pads on his feet are sensitive and get ripped up easilly.

My MK products if we are going to be in an area where I have clients... and all of my sample bags and show stuff, just in case! I never know if someone will want to play with things! If I am feeling well enough I love doing that! The extra money is nice, but I mostly enjoy keeping my clients happy, it makes me feel good, knowing that I can be of service to them. Hey it also works well too if I have incorrectly packed and forgotten something or run out in the middle of my trip... I can just get more. After all that is why I started my Mary Kay business, so I would get it all at a discount and wouldn't run out!

I am also usually packing food! Some things that could go bad if not eaten, and then my healthy eating regimine, that Jason has now started too...

In comparison, Jason packs one bag, just one, for every thing! He is so slick! I wish I could be like him! I guess that is why I am a girl, and he's a guy...

The trailer, we got, has now got a roof! A lid, a top, something to hold everything in! It had come to us a white trailor, a pretty nifty one at that, Jason thought it would look good painted red, he spruced up the electrical wiring, made it a perfect shade of red, fancied it up and he and his father have now made a lid. Jason showed his dad what he was thinking, his dad made the detailed design and even crafted a tiny prototype. We were ever so grateful when his father got all the materials for the project, and Jason showed up to build it with his dad, and his dad had everything cut, just waiting for him to be there to put it all together. He had so much fun with his dad and this project!

It was like magic! He left and when he came back he had a new lid! Which he is detailing as we speak! Gotta get some fenders, and some more paint.... The lid is black now, so it matches his Jeep. So stylish! Perfect to haul everything I can think of bringing with us! Where's that kitchen sink?

I am so blessed! For those guys who are reading this, I probably pack more than your wife, it could be worse, it really could. You are very lucky, give her a break, the extra bag she brought is just an extra bag!
Thank You Jason!

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