Thursday, January 22, 2009

DaY 2 dAy!

As the day started very early for me as I stayed up to finish talking to our teenage friend. After some sleep and the start of my day for real, I woke up feeling reasonably good! Woo Hoo! I love that! Yesterday, I had planed to go in to the city with Jason to run errands, he had gotten home and was on a mission to fix his Jeep. When I woke up I was not feeling the best so I took some medication and slept a bit more, which was cramping his plans, so off he went on his own. Much better, if I had asked him to wait for me, which he would have "happily" done. The day would be one of stress-filled angst as we went from place to place. Sometimes a guy just needs some time on his own to do the things he needs to do. So after he finished his list he called and shared he was on his way home, and I asked him to run some of the errands on my list. Which he HAPPILY did! Much better! I ended up getting up around 10 am or so and for the day after having woken up at 6:30 with our teenager, and then at 8 am with him checking on me... so I was really happy with my speedy recovery! 10 am PERFECT! I still had the whole day to myself, now I don't really know that I did that much yesterday, but I did get some things done online to get caught up, and a few things around the house, I was busy on the phone, and I even walked 2 blocks to City Hall for a Relay for Life meeting. I was pretty tired after that but we delivered a MK order to Kristy and grabbed some food at the Legion's fundraiser before coming home. Where we met up with our teenager and her aunt after her Dr's visit, and errand running.

Since she's been feeling ill this whole week and hasn't gone to school, she went to the Dr... with out going much into that, we are worried about her mental and physical health as well as her finishing out her senior year! Senior Year's should be fun! At least some fun... she doesn't seem to be able to take advantage of that aspect, or at least hasn't been able to so far...

She is here again today, trying the things the Dr. suggested. I sure hope they can get things figured out for her!

While the trivial aspects of my life go on and on, I wonder how important is what I am doing? What more could I be doing? I did put a call in to the state agency that helps people with disabilities get re tooled and into work. I have an appointment with them next month. I had called before, but I just wasn't ready, so I am going to try again.

Luka is relaxing in the sun shining through the window, Ozzie is driving me nuts, Shelby is busy with a bone. I found out this week where Luka was trained, I spoke with the lady, and we are going to meet. I am starting the process soon of getting another dog trained for me since he is 7-8 years old already and they usually retire at 10 years old, so with taking one to two years to get a dog trained specifically for me, I need to have a plan in place and start raising/saving some money to cover the costs.

Shelby who has been living with us as a foster dog,,, has gotten some good news too! She is going to be adopted! Feburary 7th! At least that is the current plan. I am so excited for her. We will certainly miss her but she needs a home where she can be more active! It sounds as if her new home will treat her like royalty, which is perfect for her since she prances around like a princess! It has been a long haul for her, but I think her forever home has finally arrived!

Ozzie, being 14 has it's privledges, as well as it's downside. He is definately getting up there in years, and has been slowing down, he has lumps everywhere, but seemingly is determined to make it through each day with all that he can cram in to it. He is wanting to be loved on more, and certainly sleeps his fair share, but is still always excited about a cat in the yard.

I love having their company it helps my day go so much better, they are always there for me, needing me, no matter how I feel or how I look, and somedays in both cases it is pretty bad! But hey, I am making it through!

I am looking forward to our montly trip out of town for one of Jason's other jobs later this month, I have plans to work on those curtains today, and I hope that some how I can get an order mailed, with my computer being down, my connection is gone, and printing postage from home isn't possible. So I was hoping that our teenager would be well enough to drive me to do some errands today, but with her staying home from school again, that is out of the question.. So Gayle, your MK order will be coming soon! Thanks for placing it and Jason will mail it tomorrow for you I am sure!

I do plan to go out for a walk around the block today, but getting myself and Luka downtown and back is just too far to go.

Today is a gift! I am unwrapping it and seeing what it contains! I love surprises! If you are in the area, stop in! My sister just did, we spent the night watching 3 movies over the weekend when I was miserable! It made it so much better, while being miserable! We watched CHICK FLICKS!!!! I just LOVED IT! She did too!

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