Wednesday, January 14, 2009

InJEcTioNs & WinDoW cOvEriNgs!

While being driven around today, I was wondering if I would be up to writing today or not. For many days now I have really wanted to write, but was either not up to it or a computer was not available.

Today was the day to see the Dr. who gives my Epidural Steroid Injections. I got two today in my lower Cervical Spine (neck). I am pretty achy I must say, but I really am wanting to get something written down. This morning I woke up having fought off yet another migraine, this one lasted 36 hours I haven't been sleeping much and I woke up with migraine relief but completely exhausted. Prior to getting this migraine I had been working my butt off (fingers really) I've got lots of projects that I am working on. I am in the process of learning to do embroidery, I finished one pillow case earlier this week, I am wanting to get the matching case done as well. My first project will be officially complete after I finish that.

I am also anxious to finish a large project for my home. We've lived in our home for 10 years and really have never had "Proper" window treatments. Ok it is something that has never been that important to me, we had shades/coverings that while they did not look horrible they did not look finished. After having to get new windows, Jason mentioned to me that he would really like to have REAL curtains. So with a gift given to us at Christmas, Jason took me to the fabric store. He helped me for about 40 minutes in the store looking at some fabrics and then he had had it, so Luka finished accompaning me through out my fabric shopping experience.

I can't remember the last time that I was able to do some shopping for any length of time on my own! Jason went off to drive around town, while I finished my shopping at Hancock Fabrics, thank goodness that I had been paying attention to the sale adds! Almost everything that I needed was on sale that week! Woo HOO!

I got fabric from the remnet section for my kitchen curtains, and bedroom curtains, and then Jason had helped me choose the fabric for the living room curtains. Shopping for a pattern was next, then, I looked at the curtain rods and found some perfect ones for 60% off as well! PHEW! Ok, Ok, Yes I had never gotten curtain rods for our home. I know! Geesh, I used a few nails and had called it happy for all of these years. I thought it looked just fine, but evidently I am the only one with that opinion.

The ladies at Hancock's helped me get my selections cut! Thank goodness for their help as well! Jason came back to carry it all out, WoW, he was shocked, STICKER SHOCK! He never understood what REAL curtains would cost for us. And I had gotten almost everyting at at least 50% off! I mentioned to him on the way out of the store that that is why I had never decided to get REAL curtains before. But I also explained that this was also the reason that I was making them as when you shop for them pre made to get the ones that I would be happy with looking at for the next 10 years that they would have cost three to four times as much.

So, I have a huge project ahead of me. I have managed to get one window finished, of course I started making the curtains for the windows I didn't find curtain rods for... but Hey, I am started. I will take some pictures soon and share my projects with you.

It's not as if I don't have other things to do here, I have a list, but one thing at a time I am checking it off. My goal is to do things around the house, cooking, some cleaning, some laundry, and being present for Jason and our teenage friend with enough energy to actually be good company and keep our relationships on the right track. Since starting the curtains, I have stopped the laundry, and the cleaning, just not enough energy for it all, but I am still trying to cook when I can as I know that Jason dreads having to come up with food to make for meals.

I have been blessed to borrow our teenage friends laptop and am able to sit propped up in bed and type this all out! So much better than Jason's desk! I am just too short for his stuff. Hee hee!

Looking forward to this weekend I am excited that Jason has the opportunity to teach a great paying class, and that he gets to do it with people that he likes. I hope he enjoy's himself he even gets to stay in a hotel! While he is gone I've got my sister coming in! So Woo Hoo for me!

On another note, I have friends going to a party this weekend, it is a fundrasier, and they get to dress up in period dress. I LOVE that sort of thing! I will be thinking of them and can't wait to see their picture's and hear their stories.

Sorry Honey, tonight's meal is definately up to you! Luka and I are resting after our long day.

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