Sunday, January 11, 2009


So, having not posted for a while, I am not sure where to start. Some of my days have been rather busy and some have been mostly unproductive. Just like normal I guess. These days I am doing everything I can to not take much medication. I don't know how well it is working yesterday I took no medication, I just rested and put up with the pain, but this morning brought on the migraine type pain as well, so I had to deal with that. Took some Excedrine the tension kind, it is easier on your tummy. It is helping, it didn't take it away but it is tollarable, the pain is still there in my body, but I am up and moving.

My computer is still not fixed but Jason got his going so, Woo Hoo, for now anyhow's & I am sitting at his desk typing away, not sure how long this will last as I am already getting tired and more sore after sitting in this position. But hey! I am up and moving! Woo HOOOO!!

So my friend from high school Ronnie, ( he doesn't go by that now) is heading off to surgery soon, his 39th surgery to be exact. He is 39 years old, wow, he's sure gone through allot. We sat together everyday in High School as I tried to be a good friend to him. He has Spina Biffida and has always been in a wheelchair since I've known him. We didn't exactly have the best relationship, he was always kinda grumpy. I was always annoyingly happy, honestly I think I drove him nuts. Not to mention that I can blither on about absolutely nothing. We both played the trumpet in band, we both would have excelled at the baritone I think but the band director never brought up switching, we were both not very good at the trumpet, but we both stuck it out! He better than me, I fiddled with a few other things, but he was always very consistant.

He and I stayed in touch into college, but then lost touch, I started moving around the country, and our lives just took other directions. He's been a great example to me my whole life. He's the nicest guy, even when he was grumpy, he and his best friend were always together, and still hang out today. His best friend Roger was also my example, a truly kind hearted guy, who was loyal, patient, kind, understanding, fun to be around, and who never cared about anything but the size of a person's heart. I am sure he is still that way, he married a gal that I went to grade school with and I they have cute little kids and are both so very wonderful. ( I am sure that they are still as wonderful as then, as I haven't seen them in years)

Watching the two friends, was so fun for me, I think many people go through their whole lives not ever feeling the devotion of a good friend, one who will be there through thick and thin, on who doesn't care what has happened, or what mood your in, what job you have, or how much money, or what you can do for them. These two friends really exemplified the type of friend I want to be for others. They each really cared about the other and understood that they would be there for eachother.

I have met so many people, from so many walks of life, to meet two good friends like these two men I have not seen an anyone else. Roger who could do anything easily, and Ronnie who struggled to do things at all, were the coolest people in school. They set the bar high, yes they didn't always get along, but they both never gave up on each other. And it wasn't easy. So today I wanted to devote my blog post to great friends, who really put their friendship on the line, friends who go the extra mile.

Ronnie and Roger, thanks for being my example. I sure hope that I can come close to being the kind of friend that the two of you exemplified for me & thanks for being my friend to! Praying that your 39th surgery will give you a speedy and full recovery!

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