Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bLaA BLaa bLAa....

So doing a bit better tonight. Not moving much and keeping my back relaxed has definately helped. Then I get up and move around, and it comes back. So, with further review, it is not in my lower back but the lower part of my mid back. This is definately some new area for me. I am so disgusted. I don't even know what I did to make this happen.

I guess it is par for the course. I mean, my shoulders click in and out of something, my hips do it, my neck does it, so does my back, but I havent' had this part mess around much. Geesh! Thank goodness for Luka, I usually only talk about the migraine help he does, but he also provides stabilization on stairs, steps and when I feel week and unsteady. Helps me up, which has helped again a bunch today. I usually need help up, not always, sometimes I have enough juice to do it on my own. Sometimes I just need a little and other times it is alot more. When I can't see the greatest he helps as well for me to have as an extra set of eyes as reasurance, while he's not a guide dog, he is also not an idiot and doesn't want to be run over!

Having Morgan here, he needs to go out more often, and he is smaller than the other two to boot. Sometimes there is an object near by, and I will use that to brace myself with if I am sure it is steady. Don't need to put pressure on him unless necessary. I know he's getting older.

I talked with Jason, he's doing well, a little upset that I am hurt yet again. Frustrated because it was doing something he would think I could do. And something that I think he doesn't want to do. I mean he does so many things I know he doesn't want to do, so just another thing to keep on his list. Frustrating I am sure.

I really wanted to get my garden weeded too... Not to mention all of the plants I have yet to get planted. Will I ever get caught up? I've got asparagus to plant yet, and tons more things just sitting out on tables in my back yard. While it isn't likely that they will actually produce anything at this point in the year, I did get them started and I put all of that time and effort in to growing those plants, that it is frustrating for me to think I wasted my time. At least since this year's weather is so funky they may be able to produce even though they'd be planted ultra late, I'd sure like to finish it.

I don't know that I will be doing ANY planting or weeding. I can't think that that would be the best thing to rid myself of this pain that I am now having.

I should have sat in my basement and worked on my curtains instead of sowing seeds... so I should have been sewing instead of sowing! As my windows sure could use the towels out of them and the other one's it would be nice if they would have other coverings besides the see through ones.


I have other projects to be working on as well. I had thought that was the most important as it would really impact our bottom line as far as groceries were concerned. Oh well. What I did manage to get planted I am sure will help. Those things are looking great! Just really need to get my strawberries weeded, and help that rabbit move into a new home, other than my strawberry bed. I'd really like to have more strawberry plants next year. I love strawberries!

We'll tomorrow's plans have been outlined with Jason, so it is time for some rest! I really hope a night of sleeping makes this back issue disappear!

Blessings to everyone who is struggling with something! I know that is most everyone! I know you will make it through, just as I know I will too! One day at a time! Good things are bound to be squished into the spaces!

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