Tuesday, July 7, 2009

StAr LiGhT sTaR bRiGht...

Wish I may Wish I might have the wish I wish tonight. Life is funny you know. One minute you are headed one direction, the next minute you've been taken hostage blindsided and end up twisted up, turned around and sideways.

The next minute you've been dusted off, wiped up, and your piece has been added back to the game board.

As a kid I would always love playing Monopoly I have several old versions of the game, although I haven't played in what seems forever. I loved buying properties, I liked building hotels and houses and collecting the money. I know that probably makes me some warped child.. I would play the game with the goal of getting both Boardwalk and Park Place. I think that is how many people play the game. I of course like those, but I am also happy with many of the others as well, owning them doesn't insure you of anything.

Just like life. You may see people who's lives look like they've got it all, when in reality, their world is nothing but a shell. Not always, as books have many covers, but to assume that life is better on someone elses journey than it is on yours is one of the biggest deceptions. Each of us are on the path that we were meant to travel. I don't know why, I feel like that I just do. We've got choices to make that impact ourselves and others. Consequenses to face both good and bad.

When I was a child I had a glorious existance. Other's might not have thought so as I thought I lived on Park Place. I never felt bad about growing up in a trailor for much of my life. Some of my favorite toys outside were the old rusty iron pieces from cars and implements, that were piled up to some day take to the scrap yard. The beautiful shell of a barn that held unique boards, tools, and other misc items was like a play house. I remember one of my favorite times when I was really small was making mud bowls under a tree. I also collected rocks and then sold them door to door, I still amazed that people gave me money for them. I think that is one of the first times I knew I loved to share things I loved with people, and in doing so I would be rewarded. I probably got a whole dollar or something.

In high school, I sold magazines, and fruit to raise money for my Future Farmers of America group. I sold alot of magazines! I went door to door then too. I know, I must have been pretty annoying! But I was excited, I was motivated, each day I had spare time after school I chose to go out and sell magazines in town. Most of the people I sold them to I had never seen before. I planned my route, and wore my FFA Jacket and told people about all of the cool magazines they could get and why I was so excited. I ended up winning lots of great prizes over the years. I wasn't nearly as excited about the fruit, only selling a box or two of that. The fruit was good and all but I was more excited about the magazines.

Being the only girl in my class, and not being from a prominant family at all, I was very proud of my sales accomplishments as I would many times have sold more than most everyone else. I learned later that many had parents who'd sit at coffee shops and show off the magazines to friends for their kids, or take them to work with them... I wish I'd thought of that! I could have sold so many more with a combined effort... Not only would I have gotten cooler prizes, more people gotten the magazines they would probably have bought in line at the supermarket and paid full price, but my FFA group would have had a larger operating budget.

I guess it is now wonder that I excelled in selling lipstick! Hee Hee! Since I love lipstick more than magazines... I didn't even go door to door! My friends love it too! Everything just bloomed and grew! I am still enjoying that! Although I do it on a more limited scale these days, but I am thankful that I still have the opportunity to help others get what they want.

I think that is also why I am having fun sharing about the changes with my life that were brought about by starting a better nutrition and cleansing program. I'd been pretty upset, being told that Vocational Rehabilitation wouldn't even open a case with me. Told me I had too many things wrong, told me to work from home in a mail stuffing scam... the lady even sent me the paper. Geesh!

While I certainly didn't start using the Isagenix Nutrition and Cleanse to share with others. I didn't keep track of much, the Dr.s office did. Which is pretty cool, I didn't even own a scale until reciently. Wow! I still need to get some more tests done to make sure I am meeting my health goals. But my physical body is undergoing some crazy changes. I am looking more toned and healthy each month! I can't help but share, but this is the craziest thing, everyone who's been watching my transformation is excited too! It has almost been a year since I started using the shakes and stuff!

In addition I am also working to start another idea shared by my sister. I am preping things so that I can sell them too, on my time. I don't know if any of these things will lead to something that I can actually make enough money to impact our financial needs. Besides the maintenence on our home and vehicles which we are sorely behind on I am now going to be working on saving money for my next service dog.

I got so lucky with Luka, as he was given to me essentially with only minimal costs... he's allowed me so much more freedom than I was able to have before he came along. I feel much safer going out and doing things, he gives me a great deal of comfort around the house as well. While he doesn't catch every migraine, he catches many, and by doing so has freed me up to actually get up and out more. He's a steady force for me to use when I don't feel well at all, and I can be assured that once on the floor, I can get myself back up using him as leverage. He loves doing these things! But he is also loving to sleep more and more as he is pretty old for this job.

My next service dog I need to save minimum of $2,100.oo just to get the dog. This amount isn't nearly what one would cost if I would have to pay for all of the training and more. It is tens of thouands in some cases. While I don't know how I am going to make what I need happen, I am going to give it my best shot. One step at a time, keeping us afloat first and then squrling away what we can for our plan. All things will come to pass, I just need to work like it is all up to me and pray as if it is all up to God! I can do that! I am not speedy especially now, but I don't give up easy!

I have to admit I am very nervous since we've not been able to even save enough for a deck so we have steps out the front of our house, or to get me a car of my own, or fix the things we have so we could sell them to help pay for other things... I do have faith, I also have a great deal of determination. I have the memories of my past endeavors, and while embarking on something new is always scarry for me, I truly believe anything is possible. It might take a while, but I am worth working for, and so is Jason's peace of mind knowing that I am not stuck somewhere on my own.

Who knows maybe someday I can buy land and build homes, or help people in other ways. I am sure first in line to admit I don't know what tomorrow holds. I am not going to stop dreaming!

Star light, Star bright... the wish I have is to work tonight!

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