Sunday, July 19, 2009

GrEaT dAy!

Great day~ I got many of the things done I had planned. I woke up early, thanks to the newest temporary addition to our household. Eight month old Morgan, our latest foster dog, needed out to do his business. Drank my shake, stopped some pain from getting worse, picked some lettuce from my garden, grabbed some herbs too, I am really hoping my basil and rosmary will keep growing bigger. Got ready and headed out the door with Luka.

This week, at my therapy session, we outlined some new goals. I had met some of the goals outlined, and we needed some new ones. At the same time, I have met some goals, I have gone backward in other areas. I had been realizing that I hadn't had/made time to get my at home excersizes done. So I am making a renewed effort to do my excersizes each day. Each day I can anyway, somedays it is enough just to make it through the day.

Yesterday, I walked the two blocks with Luka and my neighbor to the Fire Station Fundraiser for a BBQ lunch. I did great! I had also walked a little bit earlier that morning when Jason and I were doing some volunteering for a bike race. After lunch I went to my neighbors house and helped her out with a project. Jason called finally after he'd finished his volunteering, picked me up and we went to grab Morgan. We got to the pet supply store where we met the retired police sargent who volunteers to pick up dogs and bring them in to the rescue. We were running behind due to an accident on the interstate that Jason had to help with. We made it, better late than never!

Shortly after we arrived, wow, I started hurting. But hey, I'd done alot and I was pretty happy! Today was similar to yesterday in that I walked 2 more blocks to the fundraiser they were doing for a girl I know who has been battling cancer and brain tumors, and other things. I have to say I was a bit nervous, as I was going on my own. But I really felt compelled to show up. I was so glad to see the parking lot full and the place was packed when I got there! I sure was hoping that she would receive a good turn out and have some financial help.

It is hard for me, I walk in to places where there are lots of things going on, and it is hard for me to focus. I have been learning to get a plan in my head before I enter places. I had been at this place many times before, and it is always set up the same. That helps! Having Luka with me helps, but he is also an attention magnet. People around here are getting used to seeing me with him. Some people anyway, to many the pair of us are still a curiousity. Some people are nosey wanting to know EXACTLY why I need him and what he does. Most are not trying to be mean or whatever, most are just overly curious, a few are RUDE! I wonder if I should ask them what health issues they have, and get in their personal business. The rude ones, seem to be saying, you don't look sick, so ...... I just hope they catch me in a good mood, otherwise, I've been told by my hubby that I should have been nicer. Probably so. Today went pretty well. (I am thinking of offering up when my latest period came, how bloated I felt, the last time I had a bowl movement... etc. when they get so nosey and are condesending.) Of course Jason would be MORTIFIED by this response. .. Well at least I can be thinking it in my mind, and then picturing their faces.

Gosh, I don't mind sharing. I mean, it isn't like having a service dog is actually something that is common. Although there are two of us who have them around here. But I know she doesn't get out around town much, and hers is for more typical reasons. I have never even met her, or her dog. But I know that they have been newly teamed up.

The pancake lunch, which could have been breakfast, was good, and the walk back home went well too! It was nice. I wish I could have given more, but hey, we all do what we can. For me, I was pleased at how I did. Finding somewhere to sit, was a bit difficult. I kept seeing spots, but didn't recognize people, and couldn't focus on the tables. I finally saw a table that was completely open. Normally I would have found someone I knew and sat with them. But I just couldn't seem to see where anyone I knew was. Frustrating. But at least I was sitting. The table soon filled up and my friends mom, who I know well, stood and talked to me a little until people started trying to pet Luka. Then the conversation turned to service dogs and why I need one.

Blaa Blaa Blaa... Getting home, I came in for a rest, let the boys all out, and even sat outside in my chair with them. I was even able to water the plants! YEA!

My goal, is to go for a walk everyday. It is also to do the breathing and body part lifting excersizes in my notebook from the therapist. Today I also did my book excersizes. Luka alerted on me in the middle of them so I stopped took a pill, and went to relax. He's always been right. So I am learning to just go for the meds, and not mess around. While he doesn't catch them all, I am thankful for the ones that he does. He is getting older, and needs lots more sleep.

Great days! I am meeting my goals while doing some life living. If I'd have had to drive today I would have had to stay home because of the meds. Since I didn't I made it to what I had planned. I am so happy!

My plants are even begining to produce! Soon I will have tomatoes! Already have lettuce and herbs. I almost have a cabbage, the others got eaten by a rabbit-grrrr. I may have some onions soon as well! Yippee! I really need to weed the strawberry bed, where the rabbit seems to have taken up residence. But other than that, well, I think things are going rather well as far as vegetables go. My flowers on the other hand I am not nearly as successful.

This should be a good week. My friend Jen will be around, my sister Kyla may stop by, and my cousin Julie and some of her family will be staying with us for the weekend! Mabey Jason will go to the pool with me as well. I am not going to hold my breath on that one.


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