Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today brought a great morning! I was able to get Luka to the vet to see what can be done about his allergies. Vet Brooke was there today! Great surprise! She is between her internship and her real job in Chicago! Woo Hoo for her! It was so great to see her! Her dad of course was gone, as she is giving him a break! We've got a plan for Luka, he is going on a Food Trial for 12 weeks. OH boy!

After that I came home and hung out with the boys for a while. I had planed to go to the city, my friend is there, my sister is there, and I needed to get an order mailed. I had also planned to go to the bank and a couple of other errands. I am so frustrated! Things need to start moving forward only not backward.

Jason has been frustrated, that letting the dogs out in the yard leaves little piles in the yard. Well yes it does. But they really need to be in the yard for a while each day. It is so much nicer than just being let out into the kennel. They lay down, roll around, sit in the shade or the sun, sniff around and are quite thrilled about it! I also enjoy sitting in my chair with them on all sides of me we all get to hang out together. Somedays I squirt a little water on all of us to keep us cool, other days we just do a little relaxing.

Today, I thought I'd grab our new pooper scooper and pick up those piles. It isn't like they were every foot or anything, there really weren't a whole lot of them out there. I even grabed the little there was in the kennel. Jason's been doing it lately, I do it less often. I really like our new scooper, it has a longer handle and is much sturdier than our old one.

Somehow I did something that my body didn't like. My back has a sharp knife like pain in one area now and is radiating down my right leg. I felt it sometime during my scooping not realizing how bad it hurt, I was pretty pleased with myself doing something nice that Jason would be happy about. My therapist told me that sweeping, moping and vacuming wasn't the best action for me, so I haven't done that since she shared that with me, and our floor is nice and dirty. GRRrrrrrRRR! Geesh!

So I thought poop scooping doesn't involve swishing back and forth etc.. it should be safe. PLEEEEEESSSSE.... Somehow I ended up with this horrible pain in my back, shooting down my leg. Ok I've had sciatica for a while now, actually off and on for just about 5 years now... I've even gotten steroid shots back there during this time. Guessing they've worn off! Geesh!

Flubbed up my whole day! I was doing so well!... At least as I sit here, I've found a new home for my latest foster dog. I have also gone through several magazines, and sent two files to my friend to be merged. I can also still get my product returns done. So the day is not wasted completely. I am just really MAD that a client's order in which I mixed products up did not get fixed today. Tomorrow! There is always tomorrow. Tell me how many times can I screw up shipping things to one person? I don't think I've ever been this bad before. I feel so horrible.

Unfortunately I am also getting my next migraine as I sit and type this. My Relpax taken. I'm not bad yet, and really hope not to be. I had been thankful that I only had a pain in my back not anywhere else. But guess that isn't what the evening holds for me.

Somehow there has got to be a way for me to do something! Jason just can not be responsible for it all! It is rediculas! I can't believe how frustrated I am! I should be able to do something besides sit on my rear in bed after FIVE YEARS! Yes that date is coming up quick! FIVE YEARS of one day at a time... Dr's, Medications, Hell!

I am finishing this post I am getting worse quick.. gotta take more meds, and get my body completely horizontal. Tchau for now.

Tomorrow will be better! I am sure! At least this morining was good! and Jason will have very little poop to scoop!

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