Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beautiful Day's Anyway

Each day any of us get's to experience is a beautiful day. Even if things don't always go your way. After waking up to Luka's whine and nosing him self at me, I knew to start taking my meds. He climbed up on the bed and lay on me until I would feel better. Two doses of medication and several hours later I finally got out of bed just before noon.

With groceries on the brain, I started to get myself ready for the day. My hair was a tangled mess as I hadn't gotten it brushed out after my bath the night before. It took a while but I was finally cute. I needed to drop off two Mary Kay orders to Erin and to Kristy who lived on our way to the stores~ It was so great to see them, and I am so grateful for their orders.

We ended up getting to two grocery stores, I had gone through the adds to find the great sale items and we now have groceries in our home! Woo Hoo! My sister had gotten us the necessities and even enough to make Jason's favorite sandwich ,the ruben, just before Thanksgiving. She also brought back to our home the deer that our friend had shot! Thanks to our friend Jason K, and to my sister K!

Blessings are abundant! We are so tight with money since the auto accident, before thngs were always plentiful, and since they have been strained. We follow a strict budget, and any extra money that we get goes to repair what we have or replace what cannot be repaired.

Occasionally, we even get to do something fresh and fun, Jason has currently been saving all of his change so that we can go on a vacation sometime. We had this fund started before, but we had to use it as our emergency fund to fix the necessities.

We really have done well, we do and can survive on what Jason makes... we can have fun and do interesting thought provoking things, we can help others and as we have been discovering it gives others the opportunity to help us too! Which is kinda neat, because before we didn't need any help, and while we could survive with out the help of others for me it makes life so much nicer to have people, family as well as friends who are in your corner cheering for you and giving you a hand when times are tough.

I am blessed, each day is beautiful, each day is a gift and my life is blessed through the simple things my hubby does every day, the gift of time my teenage friend brings to my life, our supportive family who is finally understanding, and our friends who are there for us!

I am blessed! We are blessed, even though days seem hard, they are fulfilling, the good makes the bad so much better!


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