Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CoUNtDoWn 3 2 1 ChRiSTmAs!

Not to shabby! Things just keep falling together! I love it. I share with our Teenage Friend, that I don't know how but we always have what we need. Whether it be money to pay bills with or a way to get some where, it always seems to work out. Sometimes it requires us to ask for help, which sucks cause no one wants to feel as if they NEED help but now more than ever help seems to be offered.

Today, after waking up and having to take some medication, I was letting my fur kids out, and I noticed our neighbor guy walking up our drive with goodies in his hands. LIGHT BULB moment. I went in to the house to grab the plates of goodies I had gotten ready last night for my neighbors. He shared with me as I answered the door that my neighbor to the left had asked him to bring over a loaf of nut bread. I shared with him that I had goodies for his family too, and for other neighbors, he said that he could deliver them! This guy is great, he is a young fella, and he loves to do nice things to help out. So, I feed him goodies for his efforts! It seems to work out just great.

All of my neighborhood goodies got delivered, and I did not even have to venture out onto the slick streets. Woo Hoo!

This afternoon, my Mary Kay delivery's are being made by our Teenage Friend's boyfriend. He is running those things around for me! Thanks to Joan and Susan S. for their orders, he even took a few things to the post office, so now I have more presents being delivered via USPS... With my computer being broken, I can't do the postage thing at home at the moment, it used to be so convenient, through www.stamps.com but now, I have to do it the old fashioned way.

That reminds me I need to call and get my computer scheduled for repair. That is going to be my Christmas Present! It should actually be our Teenage Friend's present, since I've been using her computer allot, she is so gracious!

Well, I've got lots more things to do today, laundry, dishes, floors, and make chocolate covered pretzels, sort my Mary Kay, and do a little sewing for Christmas. Hmmm... the medication worked but I am also feeling I need a nap, after sleeping all of the morning to get rid of a migraine, I really wish I was not tired. I will be hanging out by myself the rest of the day, I'd better get the day organized so I can be ready for what tomorrow holds.

Christmas is coming and even though I will be spending Christmas on my own as Jason works, I still want to have everything done as then I can do whatever I want the whole day I want nothing left that NEEDS to be done to do. I just want to enjoy my time with reading, drawing, or whatever crosses my mind.

Maybe I will feel well enough to travel to Jason's work to see him on Christmas Day? I haven't ever been to his work. We'll see!

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