Saturday, December 13, 2008

pLAnS & PReP

Happy Day, while my morning started out with some medication I once again caught it early enough to still have a great day! Woo HOO! I have been busy on my list of things to do!
Breakfast, get our teenage friend out to work with a lunch, I got myself all ship shape, and then cleaned up Luka's mess from the back yard. I took some pictures, went to see a neighbor, and then went to Dena's Tuppaware Sale. Pretty tired after that so here I sit in bed resting, Jason insisted, he is right he is ALWAYS right!

Last night I was searching through some other blogger posts, and I found the coolest song! It is by an Indonesian 14 year old, her name is Gita Gutawa and her song is called Kembang Perawan, she is on and a few other sites, not to mention I think I have listened to that song about 50 times since last night. I can't even understand what she is singing about, but her voice is so lyrical, it just speaks to my soul.

Jason was super sweet, on my facebook site, I had mentioned that I wanted to get an Ipod so I could listen to this song over and over and over! That's what I do, I am like a little toddler, I want to see my favorite movies and my favorite songs, even my favorite audio cd's Over and Over and Over and Over, DRIVES HIM NUTS!

I remember when I would be driving a million miles a week, I would listen to the same training CD's he would ride with me and hear the same thing over and over again, he just could not take it. For starters the CD's usually featured a southern accented woman, and by the end of the trip I would be talking with my Ya'all's intact... I am not from the south, I have no real southern accent and he would be quite annoyed by the end of our trip.

I usually would give my CD's a break when he would ride with me, at least for half of the trip. I never seemed to get anything soaked into my brain and then into my daily activity unless I really focused on making the effort, and by listening to my training CD's I would find that slowly but surely without much effort other than listening while driving my life would start to adjust in the manner I had been directing it. This is the method of preference for me, as making a concentrated effort to stick to something is something that I found difficult. Now, after my accident, since everything is new to me once again, I am learning a new way of life with new routines, the things I have learned in the past are able to help me shape the activities and routines of what I am determined to focus on.

Before when I was young, I'd inherited, some of my mom's procrastination issues, over time and with a great deal of work on my part, I had curbed those issues. I did procrastinate a bit but my focus was to always have things done early, therefore, I was almost always on time with everything as being on time was for me considered late.

Still to this day, I am focused on having things done in advance, probably even more so than before. With the daily issues that I face, I never know if I will be having huge pain issues, and since they can last several days in a row with no break, I really want to be on top of the things that I have committed to doing.

It does mean saying no more often, and it does mean doing things sooner than anyone would normally think of doing them, for instance, I have already started planning for my garden next year, my Christmas shopping was done at the begining of December, and I chose not to push my self to go with the neighbor to see the homes that were decorated for Christmas today, as I have another neighbor coming over to help me with a bridal shower I am throwing for a completely different neighbor. I've gotta have enough energy to get it all done, the houses would surley been fun to see! But I have committments to keep!

I must follow through, I must be prepared, and I must create contingency plans in case my body does not follow my plan!

Tonight we will be vegitables! I can't wait! We will watch what ever is on TV, or a movie from our favorites, and just veg! How nice will that be!

I am going to go, since I have more to follow through with, dishes, Bethanne's order, a past client reconnected yesterday thanks Mary! Susan will be coming over tomorrow for MK and I need to be ready today! Got lots of things to get done! Blessings!! I am off!

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