Saturday, December 6, 2008


Waking up many mornings, the first thing I reach for isn't the light or my slippers, it is the bottle of medication next to my pillow then I pat my hand around to find the glass of water waiting for me. My hope is each morning to be reaching for my slippers, robe, and light switch or curtain to get my days started. Some mornings this is the case but over the last four plus years this is not usually the case.

Luka has begun to notice when I am beginning to get pain. However, he is not yet become reliable, but anything helps at this point. Getting the medication in my system to get the pain under control in the beginning is the key! If I get a little medication early enough, then I am off and having a more productive day.

Some days work out like today has, waking up reaching for the bottle of medication, resting, taking more medication, resting, more medication, resting, more medication, resting until now at almost six in the evening FINALLY starting to feel better. Like I can get out of bed for the day.

I don't know when these days will happen, planning my life is extremely difficult. I had planned to go to a Geocaching Breakfast with Jason, then off with him to help him bring his father home from the hospital after back surgery, then to send off our teenage friend to school for band.. Well, I did get to sleep allot, pitter around the house a bit, and watch a movie... Jason went to help out his parents, his father is sore but doing well, he has learned that many days the things that we have planned to do together, he will end up doing alone.

I miss doing so many things with him. We used to do so much together. On my good days we do as much as we can cram in. Tomorrow, grocery shopping is on the list! Who know's what else the day will hold. I will be thrilled to get the grocery shopping done, and some house cleaning... Simple but it will make the rest of the week so much nicer for me as well as everyone else.

Never know who will stop by??? I love company. Each day waking up I have faith that I will be able to accomplish the list I have set forth for myself! Maybe I'll even be able to do more MK!

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