Friday, December 12, 2008

Staying Still and Looking Forward

So my migraine finally went away 36 plus hours of intense pain, gotta love to hate that! I have now gone yesterday with feeling crappy in the morning, needing medication and sleeping til noon, to today doing the same thing, but hey, after lunch both days I was able to be up and perking around. So I will take it! My birthday was this week, and while I felt crappy on my birthday I did have some good parts to it too! My hubby got me tickets! Woo Hoo! So the three of us will be going to STOMP! Our teenage friend is a percussionist, and I have always wanted to see STOMP and so has Jason! So there we go! The perfect night out! I can't wait to get dressed up!

I've been given strict instructions not to do any bending lifting over exerting, getting upset, or anything that I actually have control over so I couldn't possibly get a migraine from any activities that I have pursued... I do want my house cleaner so I will have to get that figured out. Of course I can't control the wonderful December weather and all of the shifts of the barometer that happen to be going on, but hey, I will do my part and make every effort to go to the show unmedicated, so I will have the hope of actually remembering the show.

Since sound doesn't USUALLY bug me to extremes, lights sometimes can but hey, I've got tickets to STOMP! I am going to do everything I can to go!...

I've stopped buying tickets to things, it actually bums me out, I've had tickets to conferences in the past or to other events, and I've had to cancel because of my pain issues since my auto accident. I hate wasting money!

Tickets for events happen at one date and time... and sometimes it just does not work for me to make their schedule fit into MY NEW YUCKY Lifes's plans...

Don't get me wrong, I love living, I just wish I was not always struggling to stay pain free, and I wish Wish WISH!!! that my main source of relief did not come in a bottle of pills! My massage therapist is great and everything, but who can get in all the time EXACTLY when you need to be there with the MOST amount of pain? And while he makes it better for sure, he sure does not have the key to making the pain just go completely away.

So our Christmas decorations have gotten put up, we just have boxes left to get put away and a little more sprucing up to do. Thanks to our teenage friend and her friend Amanda V. They had fun and so did I. A big thank you to my awesome hubby who got all of my decoration boxes out for us! The tree looks great, I have noticed that I have almost as many nativity sets as I do ornaments... How fun is that?

Things are going to be great! I just know that they are going to be better soon! Jason's cousin Susan has something fun for me to do tomorrow! I am happy about that! I sure have lots of great things to look forward too!

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