Monday, December 8, 2008


Today has been a nice day of sorts. I felt pretty crummy until about one in the afternoon, our teen age friend had a bad night last night so we were up pretty late with her, then this morning we were up early with her as her troubles had not dissipated. She did not go to school today, we'd hoped she'd be up for it in the afternoon, instead of making it to school her Aunt Kay stopped over and took her to get her glasses, and then took her to her mothers grave, to decorate it for Christmas. Her aunt even went to the school to speak with them about making things easier for her there.

Things are going to work out for her slowly but surely. As they will for me. Each day we plug away at different things. Sometimes it feels as if we are going no where, then suddenly poof! Something happens that gives us a benchmark towards our dreams.

The harder things are for me the more satisfied I feel with them when I have completed them. I try to set little goals for myself each day, last night I had planned to get an order out for a NEW Client... Well she used to be my client YEARS ago, and she has come back to me. She placed an order, I had planned to get it out today.

Jason had left to help his parents out, his dad had back surgery and it went well, he is home now and is very very sore. Jason had gone out to fix the bathroom up for him. It was an unsuccessful trip as the small town plumber did not have the correct parts. He will be making the trip another day.

He was gone until 5 or so and the post office closes at 4:30 so no getting my package out today. =(! But tomorrow it is TOP of the list of things for me to do for the day! I hope I can drive! Today too much medication to get behind the wheel of the car, although I did make shakes for lunch and I did make a mystery concoction of vegetables for supper.

I am super excited about my new client! I just loved her, she had moved and we lost touch, I really miss our chats, we used to volunteer together, and I always just had the best time being in her space. It really is not the makeup that I enjoy so much it is the time spent with these neat women that really makes me smile. I do love the makeup helping someone look a little cuter or get their skin to be softer is also really great, I do love making others feel better!

But sitting with someone and spending time with them does really fill my heart! I can't wait to hear what my refound friend has been up to over these past 10+ years!

Here is to pleasant persistence!

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