Monday, December 22, 2008


I have definitely cramming in as much as possible these days! It helps so much that I have had so many great visitors and assistants! Without them I would definitely have looked bad. My cousin Julie showed up just in time to assist me with baking for the bridal shower I was throwing for my neighbor Karen! As luck would have it (Luck for me not for Julie) She and her hubby got snowed in at my place so they could not travel on to their planned designation. So they spent allot of time in the area with me! Woo Hoo! God works wonders! I had not spent that much time, or that quality of time with them in years! It was so nice, and as an added perk, part of her snowy hostage situation, she helped me master my Chocolate Chip Angelfood Cake Recipe, and the Decadent Chocolate Frosting recipe that I had chosen to make for the shower. The cake and cupcakes turned out great! MMMMmmmM!

The shower went off with out a hitch, Jason helped me get all set up for it! Thank God for him! My neighbor Ruth brought gifts ideas, and extra things I would need, and she was my back up hostess just in case I had to be medicated. I will include some pictures of the shower.
Each of Karen's friends shared a favorite quality about her on the little cards around the bouquet, and the bow's from her gifts were neatly tucked into the center of her bouquet, for her to carry with her in her rehearsal. She had so much fun listening to what everyone had to say about her, and each of us had fun sharing with her what we appreciated about her.
Sometimes it is hard for us to see what others really think of us, especially the good things. It is always nice to have reminders that we are loved and appreciated. Especially from those who are around us most.

As some additional fun, we all pitched in to give the bride to be a wonderful white wedding gown. We all worked hard to insure that she had every detail covered. As Karen does not wear dresses often, we really had to make this one special. Her fiance is a great guy and they have decided to have a less formal wedding so she won't be walking down the isle in a white wedding gown, instead she will probably wear her blue jeans. Which suits her perfectly! Since she has opted to forgo the formality of tradition, we thought it only appropriate to dowse her with it at the shower, or should we have called it the roast?

She looked lovely in her ribboned dress complete with train, veil, bouquet and jewlery! She wore it well and was very elegant looking. Her family and friends out did themselves. She was a sight to behold. We all had so much fun torturing her! Hee Hee!!

After the shower, Ruth did the dishes, and Jason and our Teenage Friend helped get everything wrapped up and cleaned up after our fun party. There was toilet paper EVERYWHERE! It was so fun! I even got in on this picture with my Pink Dobe! THANKS Jason for taking it!

So the shower was Saturday night, we had spent Friday night baking, Saturday morning getting ready to leave the house (it takes me forever to get cute). Then we headed to the city for some lunch it had supposed to have been breakfast, or brunch but turned into lunch. Hee Hee! Jason had had a very busy night at work and was exhausted, Julie's hubby drove us all to the city for lunch and some shopping. We ate at Hooters since the guys would be drug around to stores and malls in the holiday madness, it only made sence to have happy hubbys on our journey. It makes for much better cooperation! And they were FABULOUS! We arrived back home just in time for them to depart to a hotel for some PRIVATE time, and for Jason to help me finish setting up for the shower!

Sunday became a day of rest for me as my body seemed to be going on strike! I was icky and medicated all day, late afternoon the edge of the pain had disapated, and I began another project. Our Teenage Friend needed cookies for the band concert on monday, so as she arrived home and after her nap, she invited friends over and we made sugar cookies, puppy chow, carmel chow, and no bake cookies... I got to supervise the progress and help answer questions. I was told to get out of the kitchen to go rest several times, but they were good to me doing everything I shouldn't be doing! And now today, we have cookies for the concert, and for other holiday activities!


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