Sunday, December 28, 2008

sLeeP? pLeAsE!!

So, the night before Christmas went well with Jason and I hanging out. Our teenage friend was off with her father for a few hours, and Jason and I just relaxed. I really had not been feeling the best anyway so it worked out that there was not much going on. Christmas Day Jason was off to work and so was our teenage friend, so I hung out and had my usual holiday routine. Which consists of getting caught up on what ever I can and an occasional phone call or two. I had hoped that I would be able to drive to see Jason that day, but that was not the case as I had to rest most of the afternoon. I was feeling better in time to send our TF off with her Aunt Kay who took her to her grandparents home for a visit.

I was able to finally get the pajama pants finished for her that I had been sewing. It had been frustrating for me I just had a little bit of trim to finish them off and I kept getting to sore and tired so I had to take allot of breaks to get them done, but I did it!!! Woo HOO! So she had her cute pants to wear on her trip!

I even was able to work on mine, while they are not finished, they are mostly finished! I even got all packed to go out of town to stay with friends, and so Jason could be in town for his job at the hospital I was already to go, and proud of myself for plugging away and getting as much done as I could. I missed getting a few things finished, I had planned to finish up some laundry, and make some more chocolate covered pretzels, and a couple of other things, but hey, I was pretty happy with what I had done.

Jason arrived home the morning after Christmas, and we waited for some repair people to finish up some work on our house, he loaded up everything and off we went! I had been feeling fairly good, very tired and achy, and really over the past week just not sleeping well at all... which is why I am probably not able to sleep tonight and I am up typing at 3am after laying in bed for several hours. GRRRR.

The day's have been pretty good with average amounts of medication taken, no days lately of no medication, I don't know what is going on right now, I usually can squeeze at least a day with out taking meds. Hopefully that day is coming soon! My Dr's gave me some new cream to smear on my achy areas and that helps, it does not help for a long time but it is able to give me some relief. It is like asprin for your skin! I like it! It really has helped my hands stop hurting amongst other things.

So yesterday, was a pretty lazy day, I got to talk with my friend for a while before they left for a few days. I love it, we arrive, they leave, we can watch their dog, and a good friend of ours is watching our other dogs at home. I spent the entire morning asleep awoke in time to go to Jason's favorite place for a late lunch, came home and slept til evening, I was very wobley, and exhausted again, woke up in time for a marithon on tv of NCIS while eating leftovers from lunch. Tried to go to sleep... well here I am. Hmmm. Yes I know, I spent the entire day sleeping so it is a wonder why I am not asleep right now... giggle... Who knows about this crazy body of mine. Of course the night before talking with my friend we stayed up way to late, we always seem to do this if I am feeling good enough the first night I arrive. But, lately my usual bed time has been around 2 am.

I've gotta get this figured out. I really love to sleep at night and be awake with everyone during the day. Today will hopefully bring a day of all day awake and feeling well. Maybe we can even get to see my Aunt and Cousins who live near by.

We plan for a day of relaxation and if he get's called in to work well, that will be an adventure for him.

I'd been thinking of lots of other things to write about but at this moment I really can't recall what they are. Things are going really well actually, I've gotten out of my house, Jason's pretty happy to be having nothing much to think about, and he got his favorite food. So life is nice.

I wonder what I will make to eat for us today? I think I am actually getting tired, Thank YOU God! I really really want to feel good tomorrow!!!!! REALLY! Actually having a non medication needed 24 hours would be fantastic! Do I dare hope for 48 hours??? Hmmmm...

Anything is possible!

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