Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ThE BaTh & SpLaSh ExPeRiEnCe!!

So as I write tonight I am reminded about how life works.  The ups the downs, the here and now, the expectation and the loss.  It seems that everything has happened in a few short days to a variety of people than I know. 

You never know when life is going to take a turn.  The trick is to enjoy each moment, live your best life in the now.  I’ve been doing just that!  I’ve had a great week/weekend I am blessed beyond words.  I also with my new scooter was able to go bless a few others today as well. 

Time is a valuable gift.  If you have a bit of time to offer to someone, it can make all of the difference in the world. 

I am not going to share exactly what I did because it isn’t important that you know that.  What is important that you know is that you can make a difference to someone else by offering your time to them.  Time to listen, time to share, time to just be present, time to offer a hug, time to hold a hand, time to eat a meal, time to offer a favor… 

You don’t need to do anything grand.  Simple is sometimes the thing that warms the heart most, the thing that can offer the most hope.  Life is funny and fickle. 

I remember how life used to be.  I was able to offer time to others.  Now being blessed by a scooter, I am able to get around and bless others again as well. 

Luka received a blessing today as well!  He got a bath, blowout, and a nail trim.  I had never taken him to this place before.  Money being one issue, and I’d had a quick and not so pleasant experience myself there years before.  So I’d just never thought to take him there.  In fact I in my mind had said I wouldn’t.  We were out at some friends home the other night and they were raving about that place, and when I called a closer place that did dog grooming, they shared that they were now only doing small dogs, but that this place did large ones. 

Well, once again I am reminded to NEVER say NEVER!  Because here I go yet again eating my words.  It was a very wonderful experience.  Luka came out sparkly clean!  He really needed that!  I don’t know how he had managed to get so dirty, but when your hands stink after petting him something must be done!  YEEEW!   I am so grateful, the gals there really did an awesome job! 

We were so blessed that they had a cancelation today and could fit him in!  We can’t wait to go back!  Ok, I think Luka can wait.. the whole time he looked at me while they were blowing him out…  he seemed to be saying.. lets go, I am clean!!! Get me away from these blowers!

He hates when I use my blow drier..  But he was a champ and made it through with very little fuss!  He’s a new man!

So what have you been resistant to?  Yet again I am discovering that I am usually never right, and that I need to continue to keep an open mind about things, even if I have had an experience.  Sometimes good things need a second or third look! 

If I judge to early, I will be the one missing out!  Someday I may learn!  In the mean time just keep praying for me!


Pink Doberman

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