Friday, October 15, 2010


So, the quest for the checked off list began again this morning.  This morning’s list was a bit daunting I must say.  Mostly because I had so many things on the list that were emotionally difficult for me to deal with.  Therefore, starting became a chore. 

I usually don’t have a problem tackling my lists.  I have to make them otherwise what needs to get done fades away into oblivion.  I recently saw another bloggers lists as shared by her husband.  It made mine seem like a piece of cake.  Her lists look more to the point of what my lists used to look like.  Want to see her lists?  Click here to see Jasmine’s Lists

I love Jasmine, I took a photography class from her!  Wow! 

I start my lists of things to do Worst First!  Otherwise I’d never get to the things I hate or dread the most.  Inevitably the worst things are never as bad as you’d imagine them to be.  Thank goodness.  And I always work extra hard to get to the BEST things on my lists as well. 

Trouble is that lists never seem to end. 

I guess that is good.  It gives me something else to think of and do.  Besides I have more easy things and more dreaded things on my list for tomorrow.  I always do. 

What is on your lists?  How do you feel when you get them done? 

Some days I feel good getting myself out of bed, clothed and clean.  Other days I have intentions of at least getting a couple extra things done, then yet others, I am able to do more!  So I just cram in what ever suits the day. 

Some days I do it better than others and some days I do it worse than others. 

The last two days I’ve not been getting out and about on my scooter.  I should be, Luka is itching to go for a run.  I just needed a break from all of the jostling around my body had been receiving lately.  The scooter itself tosses me about quite a bit and I needed to let my body calm down, so I’ve been resting for the most part these past two days.  Finally I started feeling better tonight.  Phew!  Yesterday my body was rebelling. 

So tomorrow the plan is to get Luka out and about and watch some football on TV!  Jason shared with me that it will be on the free kind!  Woot!  I can’t wait! 


Pink Doberman

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