Thursday, October 28, 2010

KeTcH uP

So posting has been on my mind, but things have been a little jumbled up in my head making it difficult to write.  So this post is Ketch Up!  Ha Ha!

Weather… well it is acting up again and so are my joints!  So frustrating.  I kept laying there trying to sleep.  But I have given up that for more meds.  I decided to type to get my mind off of the growing pain in my neck.  It seems to be very pissed off. 

I am happier as of late with my physical therapy choices.  With my latest diagnoses things seem to be lining up.  I have a cranial sacral physical therapist, and an expert at water therapy physical therapist.  Both of them are doing things to work with my new glasses.  I am relearning to walk in therapy.  I have been walking wrong, when I walk I tend to walk with my right arm swinging to my right leg, left arm with left leg.  I do other goofy things as well.  But we are working on them.

That being said, I have my second set of lenses now.  I guess after another 4 or so days I may get used to them.  My eyes are rebelling at this point by getting sore and causing migraines.  My latest PT figured this out.  I guess I am finally standing correctly, all of my joints are lining up properly with the glasses and the stress my body had been going through is much less.  I can move more freely with out getting caught up. 

That being said, my shoulder and hip joints are driving me nuts… but that isn’t related to the TBI.  Maybe one day I will be simple. 

Luka is doing well, he was under the weather earlier this week so he had to stay home a few days.  He seems to be doing better now.  I’ve not taken him for a run in a while.  With the wind yesterday I just couldn’t muster it.  Today.. in a few hours we will hopefully have had some sleep by then, we are heading out.  So at least we will be getting out of the house.  I am excited! 

Hey, if you live in the United States of America remember to get your absentee ballots asked for so you can vote.  That is my favorite way to vote.  I can do it at home, study the issues, look up the people, and I can take my time reading it so I make sure to mark the right boxes for the issues I am for or against. 

The wind has been so wicked.  Watching the footage of all of the tornado damages and disasters, makes me remember my days when I volunteered to help with disasters.  I miss doing physical active things like that.  But though my own way I am also volunteering to help others in different, less active ways.  I think that is one of the things that keeps me going.  Finding something I can do for others.  Even if it is small, and even if it goes unnoticed.  I will know that I did it. 

I’ve got some projects I need to get finished.  I hope the people waiting for them are patient.  My to do list seems to never get shorter.  It takes me a while to do it all, all though it seems to me like I am doing it fast.  Well I am doing it fast as possible but when you look at the time it has taken forever.  But hey, I am doing things, and marking them off my lists that is really all that matters. 

What do you think people who have disabilities do?  I don’t know what others do, but I try to watch as little TV as possible during the day.  I really try to treat myself like I have a job.  I do watch TV sometimes.  Sometimes, that is all that I’ve been able to manage, other times, listening to the TV is all I have been able to manage.  I used to read tons and piles of books.  But that went out the window with the accident as well. 

I am not sure but reading online is much easier.  I have downloaded some books online, but I have yet to try reading them.  They seem a little over whelming.  I have started listening to online radio stations.  Specifically Pet Life Radio.  I am looking for others to listen to as well.  I have found some radio stations online as well.  I would like to know about stations that read books online, or have interesting discussions.. interesting to me does not mean yelling or those kind of interesting shows.  But where you are being educated about something. 

I would also like to find a Brazilian station, a Latin station, a classical station.. so if you know of any I can find online please drop me a note in the comments section or drop me an email.  I’ve been getting some of those lately and I am loving it.  My email address is in the About Tonja tab at the top of this page. 

I like to keep learning about interesting things, the TV has PBS, thank goodness.  I have a couple movies sitting here from Netflix to watch but I don’t do that much either lately.  I go in spurts.  My worst days, my tired days, when I have over done, or need a mental vacation from stressfilled thinking.. I turn the tube on.  That way it is a kind of “treat” for me while I am miserable. 

I am thinking that the next round of pills is beginning to take effect. I hope they hurry.  I’ve taken all I can take for the moment.  I have a big day tomorrow and I would like to be able to accomplish it. 

I did order my first item off of  I am getting a custom made pair of gloves!  Here is the link to the gal who is making them for me.  DebzCreations  I just know they are going to be fantastic.  Check these special things out, they are just what I am looking for.  I need some free finger tips on my gloves that are free.  But I also freeze, so I needed a cover to make them like a mitten.  The great thing about these gloves is that they also have a thumb cover as well!  I am so excited.

Listen to the best part.  This gal has disabilities.  So I am supporting someone who can’t easily do things.  I think that makes them even more special.  She and I have the same size hands and everything, so I know they are going to be perfect!  I usually buy the $.99 that stretch.  I like those gloves still, but they are not very warm. 

I have asked her to use discretion on the yarn.  I find many yarns highly itchy!  So she is choosing her warmest and least itchy yarn for me.  I also need a non bulky pair of gloves, so she is also taking that into consideration as well.  I even get to choose the buttons!  How cool is that? 

I did choose the color.  Basic Black for now.  I would also like a colored pair.  She even makes these gloves for kids! 

There are also a couple of new Blog Carnivals going on right now.  You may enjoy checking them out. 

The topic for this carnival is:  Assistance Dog Firsts.. There are some really heart warming posts.  A Service/Assistance Dog Carnival has just been started!  Check this new carnival out!  The topic is: Advice for medical professionals/students 

Another Blog Carnival is going on right now as well, I’ve contributed to this one in the past, but didn’t contribute to this subject, but many others did!  Topic:  What advice would you give to medical students or those just starting their career in the medical field? What kind of knowledge do you feel doctors only learn through years of patient interaction that is not currently taught in med school (but you wish they already came programmed knowing)?  Check it out!

Also in our local news was this really wonderful story about an Assistance/Service Dog Team.  Meet Tinkerbell and Rebekah.

Well the meds are starting to work I think.  Luka’s gassy tummy is currently peeling the paint off our walls, and I am really hoping that I can catch a few hours of rest. 

Oh… say some prayers for my friend Ron who is getting a tracheotomy on Friday.  We went to high school together and he’s really going through a rough time. 


Pink Doberman

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