Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well, that aptly describes my blog posting as of late.  I just haven’t been in the mood.  Putting things together seems at times to come freely readily, and flow out my fingers.  Not that I am having a block or anything, I just really haven’t had much to say.  Well, I have, but I can’t.  So silence is sometimes the next best option. 

Right now Luka is lying next to the bed going through the motions that would appear that he is having a seizure… if you didn’t know him.  I have a strange service dog to say the least.  I think the flailing about that he does is what he taught himself to do if he didn’t have anyone around to give him attention.  Weird right? 

He’s a Service Dog.. he’s always around someone?  I have my doubts his whole life has been like this.  Don’t know what happened with his second owner.  I’ve got some questions I will never get answered.  But Luka is fine, doing well, and has a few oddities, that make him even more interesting.

I have a SD that scratches his own ears with his paws!  Ha Ha… it really is hilarious!  If you see him having a seizure like activity that is what he is doing.  It looks like he is in pain, he moans and everything.  Oh my!  If I could figure out how to video him doing it I would! 

Well, he is now resting comfortably.  He’s been playing with his BFF Toby lately.  That always makes for a happy dog.  We have our routines worked out these days.  I’ve been getting migraines less and less, which makes me a bit more comfortable to have him off roaming about with his friend.  

He’s here when I need him, lately that has been with stairs or in unfamiliar environments.  We have a comfortable relationship, he’s pretty reliable, and I am fairly needy.  =D

Not much more to say tonight I guess.  I just wanted to pop in a post, and share.  I am now down to THREE hours a day for my glasses!  Woot!!

Don’t know more from the Dr yet, but I am getting arrangements made to do PT.  My Crazy Life makes this very interesting! 


Pink Doberman

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