Saturday, September 25, 2010


When to stop fighting?  That is a question that is tricky to answer. 

Do you just sit down and give up when the going gets tough? 

How do you evaluate when you are heading the wrong direction and when do you know it is time to turn around or at least get off this road? 

When do you give in and just accept?  Is it failure to do this? 

If there are no other options, how do you make the best of the hand that you’ve been dealt?

What choices do you find yourself making? 

Are you going to be compromising for the rest of your life or is this something that is temporary? 

What would you need to push further? 

How can you give up your rage over something?

How do you find your way if you feel blind?

What do you do when your choices have all been made for you and life is being handed to you in a box?

When you can’t speak for yourself because no one will listen, where do you go to be heard?

When you think that you haven’t any more to bring to the table, where can you go to get some?

Do you know yourself well enough to know that you can survive?

When life comes at you from so many directions how do you know when to say when? 

Where do you go to find yourself, your soul, have you ever really discovered who you are?

Do you understand the calmness that lies with in you?  Or is all that you hear yelling and screaming inside?

Do you have outlets for the pain that you feel? 

Are you ready to be real?

Can you see the smallest light in the darkest places?

Do you know that there is a glimmer of hope in your heart?

Do you feel the love others have for you?

Are you able to love others in a way that can be felt?

Do you see beauty in the ugliest places?

Do you find hope in the slimmest of margins?

Do you root for those less fortunate than you?

Will you offer your hand?

Can you light someone’s way until they can see their own spark?

Can you cradle someone in your arms until they are free?

Do you bother to look in someone’s eyes to see who they truly are?

Do your actions speak louder than words?

In the greatest pains, can you be hopeful?

In the most unsettled times can you remain calm?

Do you know where your feet are planted? 

Can you grab someone’s arm and hold on?

If someone offers you love can you accept it?

Does truth ring louder than gossip?

Do you know how to stand strong for what is right?

How would you like to be treated, can you see yourself looking out their eyes?

Are you able to take a moment?

Is there a time when time doesn’t matter?

Do you find peace where there is nothing?

What do you know, is it really the truth?

If you say never, are you prepared to say now?

When it is time to say I am sorry are you up to the job?

Do you understand that giving up is not necessarily a failure?

Do you know that the road of life takes many turns?

Is having control more important than letting go?

Can right also be wrong?

Can you be stronger than you feel that you are?

Are you brave enough to weather the worst?

Is your love able to leap tall buildings?

Do you have unfaltering hope?

Do you have faith that you will be alright?

Do you really have to have it all or is some enough?

By being uncomfortable are you reaching out, or does it hold you back?

Can you grow with out trials?

Can you see through the forest without a lantern?

Do you find more comfort in driving others away or by building bridges?

Is your way the only right way?  Or can others be right too?

Is good good enough?

If the sun comes up will you make it your best day?

Do you do your best to stay true to your word?

Do you realize that words cut like knives?

Do you understand that by being everything to everyone there is nothing left?

If you can do something yourself, or you could do it with help… does it matter as long as it is done?

Is it shameful to share your short comings?

Can you accept others for who they really are, or do you feel the need to judge?

What are your gifts?

Where do you find the most stirring moments?

Do you have faith in others?

Can others have faith in you?

What impact can you have?

Are you making things worse or leaving them better?

Do you realize that you matter?








Just some thoughts…. Pink Doberman

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