Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Frightening.  Upsetting, Frustrating. Horrible. Unprofessional. Harmful. Weak.  Disconcerting. Faithless. Abusive.  Wrong. Poor. Disconnected. Unable. Weak. Heartbreaking. Sad. Exploitive. Unspoken. Hurtful. Silent. Ignorant. Disingenuous. Powerful. Complicated. Ruined. Untrustworthy.

I wish I could say more. 

I can say this.  I have the most amazing Dr. who has gone over above and beyond to enlighten us about something affecting our lives to a great degree.  And it is something that is non medical.  I don’t know if things will be able to be repaired.  It makes me so upset.  It has been a great point of frustration for years now.  If it weren’t for his diligence and amazing connections we’d have never really known or understood that our frustrations were well founded.

I never knew that I could do anything about it.  I hate being so naive about complicated issues.  I hate that those who have this knowledge aren’t willing to do something to fix it.  At least we now know.  I hope something can be done.  I pray that something can be fixed. 

I am sorry to not be able to share this with you.  I can’t share, at least not right now. 

If you pray, please pray that this situation can have a fresh start with fresh eyes and be resolved in a professional and expedient manner.

I will be alright.  I’d rather know than not know.  I’d rather face things knowing what I am dealing with than being in the dark.


Pink Doberman

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