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SHOULD YOU have.. Faith in the Medical System?  Blogger Doc Gurley speaks to this

I am serious you really should read this.


I hope you read the link above. 

As a patient I find the subject of the article disturbing.  I had planned to share her latest post about the Flu and ways you really can avoid transmitting it and catching it.  New research combined with her common sense directions about humidifiers really solved a quandary for us.


Another issue Doc Gurley speaks to is bed bugs.  I’ve been seeing this on the news, I used to travel a lot.  I now do very little of it.  I guess this is one thing I can be thankful for in this arena.  But I don’t want to be crazy.  Her tips are giving me a better perspective, and I will be using them that is for sure when coming from hotels places we normally aren’t.  I already have driven Jason nuts about checking the mattresses of hotel rooms and searching all about before we open any of our stuff.  CREAPY they can be anywhere so I’d rather do what I can..  

Doc Gurley’s main page is here. 

She has tons of other great information as well.  I really don’t feel that I can place my faith in to many things these days.  Growing up every thing seemed so simple,so cut and dried.  It is so not that way.  Not in the medical profession, you have to question things, not in the legal you have to question things, not in the personal you have to question things.  I have learned all of this in a very hard way. 

I am not sure that I have any more answers, mostly just more questions.  I don’t know any more than I did before except that I want very detailed explanations of things that include reason not emotion.  I want disclosure and transparency.  I am going to have to be more personally persistent in endeavors. 

I wish I had faith.

I am not even sure I have faith in much of myself these days.  Although I try my best I am continuing to struggle to reach my expectations.


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