Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The glasses thing is going rather well.  I am keeping true to my word about wearing them although there have been more than a few moments when I would just like to chuck them off and stomp on them.  My friend tried the glasses on… she said she had to remove them as they were making her eyes cross.  Ooops..

I have added a whole new level of geekiness to them…  A folded up tissue underneath the nose section of the glasses.  My poor nose is being brutalized by the plastic thingies.  All in all it is good though.  By the end of the day wearing them I can see better with them on than with them off, my vision is wonkey to say the least. 

I guess that is why I have these suckers.  At any rate, walking anywhere outside of my house has become a comical adventure.  I look very intoxicated, I have absolutely no balance and if the ground changes pitch in any direction, can you say SCREWED!!  I can’t figure out where my feet will land.  I pick them up outrageously high to have them fall lower than expected.  Around the house it is a non issue, I have memorized every place I have to walk, I can make my way around in the blackest of nights.  Thank goodness for that.  I still have to be careful to walk with intention to not dislocate but other than that the world is right within itself inside my home. 

I am keeping on keeping on so I am expecting some great results.  The scooter and I have become friends.  Although I think it is beginning to hate me..   Luka drags it all over town, at its highest setting Luka still thinks we are moving to slowly and insists upon dragging us about.  Amazingly Luka has adapted to the hum the scooter makes and can now tell when we are speeding up or slowing down and he adjusts accordingly.  We’ve been out on the scooter most every day!

Jason has gone with us on his bike a couple of times now, that really can throw Luka for a loop, Luka loves to be in the lead, and is confused and distracted when Jason sneaks up beside us or better yet passes us.  It is hilarious!  If he sees a cat oh boy can he get worked up, and then he will pull the scooter even faster, he is discovering that he can not choose the direction that the scooter will go.  Thank goodness for that is all I have to say! 

We tried buying a harness for him at the pet store.  Thinking that this would make his desire to pull a little friendlier for him.  I don’t mind him pulling, quite honestly, anything to wear my brute out is a good thing.  The harness well, we had bought the largest size available in the store, it does not fit!  GRRR..  so now I guess I’ll be ordering one online.

Well, I am off to make my yummy chocolate IsaShake for lunch. 


Pink Doberman

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