Saturday, September 4, 2010

CaUtiOuSLy oPtiMisTiC

I am.  I have hope.  I have not got very far in the literature, that my newest Dr. has given me.  I don’t know why, but I do better at reading things on the computer than on paper.  Not that I am great at that either, both still take some time.  Paper takes much longer.  I can read it but understanding it is the difficult thing.   What else is going on with me you ask??? Click Here to read that post.

When it comes to reading things that have words that are new then it becomes entirely more difficult as well.  But I have been attacking it little by little.  Here is what I have come up with: 

The treating of the neurological dysfunction with prisms in my case isn’t a cure.  It is rehab which helps to maximize the effects of regular treatments. 

That being said.  I am hopeful for a transformation that will allow me to drive a car safely behind the wheel, that will give me greater cognitive abilities such as clearer thinking, more focus, less forgetting.  In addition I would hope that my balance and bearings would also receive come clear cut improvements.

However, I will take what I can get.  I’ve started many therapies, with therapists who’ve given me timelines and told me I’d be better in x amount of weeks with NONE.  I’ve come to realize that what is going on with my body requires multiple modalities of intervention.  I’ve tried multiple approaches to Physical Therapy alone and at the same time to corporate with one another to no avail, tried medications out the wazoo!  Frightening how many different pills I have tried for hope of relief. 

I’ve been looked at with disbelief, with concern, with your crazy, with your an addict, with disgust, with admiration, with sympathy, with blank eyes, with compassion, with unknowing but believing.  I’ve had doctors, who dismissed me, who listened, who cared, who referred, who kept trying. 

While I do not feel vindicated.  I myself have always known that I wasn’t making this stuff up.  I know because I question myself, I ask myself, I test myself.  I do feel yet another sense of relief of knowing what is going on.  Knowledge is power.  I’d rather face something head on instead of hiding from it or sticking my head in the sand with an effort to remain the same.

Am I irritated.  Yes.  Am I happy… well there are always reasons to be happy!  So yes I am happy!

More information to come as I continue to read, and I am still waiting for my glasses!  I’ll take a picture and post!  I guess they are going to be rather thick!  I will share that I think the frames are rather cute.  I chose from their left over frames, and out of the 8 they shared with me, I liked the ones I will be getting the best!  I think they are cute!  Not that that matters of course.. well it does… and it doesn’t.  But they did cost me a fraction of what they would have cost had I bought this years models.  YIKES!

I am all for a bargain! 

BTW September 13-19th 2010 is Invisible Illness Awareness Week  Warning if you are easily overwhelmed like I am, this sight is a bit overwhelming!  But it does have some mighty interesting information on it.  ( I now know why though I hated going to this site!  Before this would have totally been up my alley, but now it is hard to find things)  Give it a try and be patient.  If it hadn’t been for several bloggers extolling the sights value, I may not have stuck with it.  So just know that there are things worth the extra effort here. 

If you live in the USA have a wonderful holiday weekend.  If your from Nebraska specifically… GO BIG RED!! 



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