Friday, September 24, 2010

tBi gLaSsEs

Ok so here is the deal, I have problems tracking things across my field of vision.  I also have a very severe Vertical Mid Line Shift. ( my words not his. ) 

So, I spoke with the Dr.’s assistant today, and I get to continue wearing my glasses but I have a schedule now.

Week 1 which is done now all day

Week 2 which I am on now.. 6 hours a day

Week 3 will be 3 hours a day

Week 4 will be one hour a day

This will continue until my appointment next month.  MYSTERY to me what will happen next.  But I am alright with that.  ( I forgot to ask.) =)


Wearing them has gone pretty well I have to say.  The hard part will be timing myself now on when I put them on and when I need to take them off.  I am going to attach a timer to my shirt I think each morning. 

My Chique Pink Cadi driving friend saw me to day.  She loved them.  She’s gone through something else that caused her vision to be off it was solved through other means and was caused by other things.  The result though was to some degree similar.  She totally understands.  I know she does because she two has gone through a bit of hell.  Thank goodness hers was short lived!

I wish I could manage to keep the glasses clean.  They are also getting stuck in my hair.  Uggg!  I am going to be using a bit of Sugru on them I think that should resolve the issue!  Now that I can take them off for a while I can do that easier.  I’ve really wanted to follow my instructions, I’d like maximum improvement.

Well, that is the update.  I had been going to share some more technical information.  I don’t think I will… Yet. 

Hope all is well with you!


Pink Doberman

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