Saturday, September 11, 2010

DaY 2 ViSiOn QuEsT….

Amazing day!  Migraine #2 on day #2 of wearing the glasses..  not bad.  I’ve been a busy girl.  Well today not so much really the most I did today was eat three squares and take a trip with Luka on my scooter.

But that turned out to be even a bigger pleasure than normal.  I got to see tons of people I hadn’t seen forever, they were all driving by in their CARS!  Me on my scooter, I was getting wet in the misty rain, and they were all snuggly dry in their cars.  I truly think I had the better deal!  The mist was glorious all those other folks were seriously missing out! 

Luka’s Muttluks worked like a charm!  His feet were nice and dry when we got home!  LOVE that!  Although he will soon be wearing through the leather bottoms of his shoes.  We wear them lots!  We love them!  We don’t get a commission for saying this at all!  But we really do love them!  So does everyone else we come across they are quite the attention getting magnet as well.. Ha ha..  Not that we need any more of that, but I have to admit that they are super cute on him and he really does wear them well!  He’s the preppy version of a Doberman. Did you know that the preppy look is back?  Well it is, they shared this HUGE news on nightline.  Might just have to look me up some penny loafers! 

Ok, I will breathe.  I am not taking any medication at the moment, just rambling.  Jason called me out on that earlier today, when I think I’d had my umpteenth phone conversation with him for the day which is highly unusual for me.. well I try to restrain myself you see on days like this but as you can see from my verbiage I may have had difficulty with that today.  Although this morning I did have to take several medications to get rid of the nasty second day migraine that was present just after I woke for the day. 

Well before I continue on this path of random nothingness I will stop for the night.  I am tired and I’d really like a night of some sleep!

Excited though, because I can already tell my eyes are changing.  So far so good I guess.  I assume they are changing for the better or relatively so, I guess the doctor will be able to tell and at some point I hope I will be able to as well! 

Thanks to those of you who chose to stop and chat with me today!  I loved it!  ALL OF YOU MADE MY DAY!!  (B.. I hope you remembered to turn your fancy lights off! )

Blessings and Faith,

Pink Doberman

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