Friday, September 10, 2010

gLaSsEs… ScOoTeR.. TwO-SeAtEd BiCyCLe.. SeRviCe DoG.. & aWeSoMe HuSbAnD!

So I have not written very regularly as of late.  I’d like to be but, life happens.  This morning it was a migraine.. Yesterday no bad things so I was a busy beaver over doing in the cleaning department. 

I’ve been so out of sorts for almost a year now again.  I have good days but not good enough to actually accomplish much more than being up out of bed a little more or being out for things for a short amount of time.  Well yesterday marked a day that I felt well enough to kick some ass around the house.  Jason was not home, and I just tore in to the top three shelves of a closet that have been making me insane!  I mostly cleared the stuff off of a bed, a dresser, and cleaned out 1/2 of a closet.  I called a friend with connections and she took all of the clothes that do not fit me away to be gifted to others.  Phew! 

I went for a walk with a friend, scooted about with Luka who is now getting regular exercise due to my having a power scooter!  I love it and so does he, we went to the bank, went to the nursing home to visit some friends, and I did rest as well, but not as much as I should have.  Hence the migraine this morning.  It was a doozy too!  I had to take every bit of medication in my arsenal.  Thank goodness Dr. G gave me some extra medication for just this type of occasion.  By 3 or so I could function and while I was not feeling at the top of my game, I was determined to get out again.

So Luka, Jason and I went for some exercise.  I on the scooter, Luka pulling the scooter ( because he seems to have a huge desire to be in the lead) and Jason on his bike.  We took a good jaunt around town and brought Luka back home huffing!  Gotta keep my old guy in good shape.  He’s around 11 now and it still takes a while to tire the old guy out.

Luka’s been remarkably helpful as well.  I’ve gotten my new glasses! 

20100909_1909 Glasses

They have prisms for the lenses and electrical tape on the lenses by my nose.  I don’t recall exactly why.  I do know that I have a problem seeing things vertically as they should be.  In fact I am off by quite a large amount.  So the glasses I guess are going to train my eyes and my brain to readjust themselves to give me better perspective.

Cute huh?  Well I don’t mind!  As long as they work!  They are actually a trip to wear!  If you see me around with them ask to check them out! 

I can walk alright on flat surfaces just like before, but give me any sort of angled surface to negotiate, and I have severe issues.  Especially now with the glasses.  I’d gotten more used to my sight with out them so I am kind of a walking disaster now. 

It is going to be Luka’s continued duty to guide me while my eyes are adjusting.  I am not sure if my brain thinks I am coming or going.. This is going to be interesting for sure!

So at any rate today after getting Luka tired out once again, I talked Jason into giving me a spin on our two-seater bike.  Since I have no balance and no distance viewing abilities, I have limited push power with my legs, and I am basically a dislocating mess.. this bike has been the answer to getting me moving.

We’ve gone out three times on it or so.  We just got it fixed up so we I could sit on it comfortably  We changed out the handle bars, raised up the seat and we are set now!  I love it!  We’d gotten the bike last year and I couldn’t ride it because I had to bend over to far and it hurt me.  Now with the modifications we are good to go!


So Jason is basically pulling me around on the thing, but I do my best to keep my feet on the peddles and push as I am able.  I love this!  It is so fun to get out and about.  We can have conversations and see things together and I am getting stronger with it as well!  Yipee!

With the scooter I am also doing some exercises like not leaning back all of the time and using my abs to hold myself up.  So while I am scooting around I am giving myself some other benefits as well.  Not all bad, and I can run some errands that Jason would otherwise have to do.

So wonderful!  Luka can’t wait to help me go get groceries again! 

I can’t wait to get more of our house straightened out!  When you can’t do things, they all just pile up.. literally.  It is frustrating!  But one thing at a time and I will get it done!


Pink Doberman


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