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Finding inspiration is a daily challenge for me.  Whether it be through friends on facebook, a CreativeLive class or through the lens of my camera.  I am always on the look out for something to keep me focused on the positive.  I love to learn so the blogs of others have also been an inspiration as well as a guide to searching out what may work for me. 

Learning through the struggles of others, offers me a way to make less mistakes, and a way to learn from others offers more creative options than you may have thought of on your own as well.  I read lots of bloggers blogs on a variety of subjects.  Blogs really are a great way of sourcing free information as many experts are sharing these days online.


Two posts I read recently speak to me about photography and why I might enjoy taking pictures as these others have..

Marc Sadowski speaks to having an inner ear infection and how he found sanity through the lens of his camera.

Trevor Current speaks to anyone going through a transition.  His tips are for photographers, but I think they are applicable to anyone going through changes.  He speaks specifically to loss of work but I think what he also speaks to loss of health as well, and often the two are interlinked. 


Differing Ability Bloggers…

Dave Hingsburger shared a delightful story a while back which led to my following his insightful blog.  He writes an update to it here, and he also links to the original post he shared.  It is a must read for anyone with a child, especially those who have children with disabilities, or someone with a new to them disability.  I encourage you to read this heart warming and enlightening true story.

Radio Carley shares her story.  It is profound and enlightening as well.  Her message is to have a positive body image.  No Matter What!  Love who you are!  Her message as she shares in this blog is receiving some more attention.  You will really love it!  She is quite the amazing and stylish person!

Robert Parker is living his life!  Amazingly well in my book.  This post of his is short and sweet.  It is to the point.  He is adapting, positively, living his great life.  I love reading his blog too!



“Experts” at what they do variety of topics.

Rev. Scott  has a somewhat amusing/sad story he shares through his post.  He shares a friends stories.  I won’t say more I will let the messages speak for itself.  I can say however that I am not at all surprised by what is shared in this post. 

Robert Kraft an attorney shares about a previously shared message about Dr.’s non disclosures..  I find this disturbing, I don’t know about you..

At Hyperboil and A Half..  I found this drawing of hers and story to be apt.  This blogger makes cartoons.  This one is applicable to my life to some degree, but I think if you look further into her blog you will find other things that will actually greatly amuse you.  Sometimes humor is the only way to deal with things.

Herzensart You’ve just got to check out this post, but even more importantly, you’ve just got to check out her other posts that include her Vikings, Angles, and other stufflets! 


I also read many other blogs, you can check out the list of them at the very bottom of the page.  I think they are all great, for differing reasons.  If you are newer to blog reading then I encourage you to check some of these out.  If you have differing interests than me, google, _____ Blog.  This will garner you with a variety of choices. 

Information is power.  Happiness is a choice.


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