Saturday, October 16, 2010

TBI.. ThE LaTeSt.. 2nD SeT oF TeStS

So the appointment.  I’ve been so tired I’ve almost forgotten.  I am doing better.  I still am freezing which I guess is par for the course since it is fall and I am a big weeny! 

So I have a huge problem with my Ambient Visual Field.  Google that!   Check out what the air force has to say on the subject as well.  HUGE!!  Remember what the Dr said before about me?  So the latest test show improvement!  I have also noticed improvement.   

The best part what I described before the tests was what the tests ended up showing!  How cool is that.  Here is how I can describe this to you.  It is like I have been looking through a tube.  I can see what I am facing.  I have trouble processing these things in a timely manner.  But I can.  However what ever I see that is outside the tube I do not process. 

Say you are working with a camera ( a nice one, the kind that has a lens that comes off and on )  The lens is perfect meaning you have perfect vision, however something in the camera is broken processing only part of the image and what it is processing is not being properly processed either.  What you are seeing is distorted.   In addition this defect is causing the camera’s battery to run out faster. 

Your eyes are the lens and your brain is the camera.  The camera is what tells you what is through the lens. 

I am getting stronger lenses.  The Dr. would like to give me stronger ones yet but the prism is so strong that he doesn’t think I will be able to move about with it.  So here is where we are going next.  I am back to wearing the glasses also 24/7 which I actually prefer.  He said I will know when I should start wearing them less.  Which I already said I could tell when that was. 

I also predicted which lenses I would get sent home with.  The tests proved what my brain said was the best!  Ha!  I love this!  They did all of these eye tests, standing tests, brain wave tests, and last time they even did an antioxidant test. 

I asked about the antioxidant test, the Dr. said that if you do not have enough antioxidants in your system that your brain can not rewire itself.  So even though I had good levels of antioxidants, guess what I am taking even more of now!  You betcha, a little is good a lot is better, at least that has always been this girls theory!  I want to get better and I am not going to leave stones unturned! 

I also asked about the tape by my nose.  He shared about that but neither Jason or I can recall exactly what was shared.  =) 

So the long and the short of it is this.  Things are improving, not as fast as the Doc would like.  He said another six months or so.  I go back when my next lenses arrive, mean time I am wearing my old ones. 

I will keep you posted.  I do feel better wearing the glasses than when not wearing them.  I guess that is a fantastic thing! 

What this Doctor can tell from his tests is down right amazing!  I can feel what his tests show which is the even cooler part! 

I feel so blessed to be in a position of hope.

On another note my hip keeps giving me fits.  Just my left one right now, it had been both!  Ugg.  With some rest hopefully things will start cooperating! 

Oh, my sisters also came to visit!  Fun stuff.  Won’t talk a lot about that except that we took some great pictures, and traded clothes and shoes!  I am now more fashionable!  I love sisters! 

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