Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BaD LiSt... Grrrrrr...........

Just wanting to drop a quick note.  Some things are going on here..  Happier stuff is at the end..

My computer broke again... don't know if there is any coming back from this latest problem... the whole thing went black and won't even try to start up.   So my posts may be limited from now on...

My migraines are increasing in frequency and in pain again.  My neck pain has been increasingly worse and worse than it had gotten...  Shoulders and hips... those are feeling the pain too.... geesh..

Our bills have gone crazy... Dental Bills which I though insurance should cover... well it didn't.  Wish I could do my math better...  Ozzie's vet bill....  Jeep needing work done....  Yearly deductibles due for doctor visits... and yeah, there are a few more... gosh when it rains it pours.

I thought by now I would be able to start seriously looking for another service dog.  But another mouth to feed let alone training costs etc.  Don't seem to be in the cards. 

Oddly enough I had ordered another computer on Ebay to "replace" the computer I had, since I was realizing that it's time was coming to an end...  The screen was already giving me problems...  but the seller lied and the computer wasn't what was advertised.... yada yada yada... so after getting the computer I had to pay to send it back to them and I am still waiting for the money back...  should come tomorrow... Paypal... grrrr...
Not buying on Ebay again.. 

I am also committed to hosting two parties one this week and one next month... which I know will be fun and I am doing them with the thought of reconnecting with friends and other people.  Since for me to go out and see them all would require more energy and more of Jason's time than he has... but I miss seeing them so that is my plan at least.  I don't know that I will be ordering any of the things for my self at this point from the parties but I hope the people who can attend have a great time and find some benefit.

Jason is going to be working a lot.  He is picking up more and more jobs.  Thank God there is work available for him to pick up.  We will have things taken care of eventually...  I don't know that we will ever be even close to getting things all fixed or caught up but hey, we are just doing our best. 

So... until I figure out a computer situation.. as Jason has been ever so gracious to let me use his computer.  ( he usually takes it with him, or keeps it at his desk where it is to uncomfortable for me to sit )  He brought it up the other day for me to use. 

My computer is my sanity link to the outside world.  I told him this a while ago, but I don't think I would have been able to remain sane if I hadn't had one.  three channels on the television or so just are enough to make you hate the television... 

At any rate Jason has just been so great!  He is really needing a vacation.  He isn't going to get one, I think he's realized that...  I think it is depressing and something that is making life rather hard for him these days, especially with all of the gloomy weather.  He hasn't had anything really pretty outside to take pictures of.  He needs some green! 

Good news though, our friend shot a couple of deer... ground it all himself for us and we will be picking it up on one of Jason's work trips by our friends place!  Thank God!  Luka's food is costing a fortune, it is worth it he is doing so much better!  This will just make things so much easier!  Bless or friends! 

I even got taken out for lunch today by a friend.  It is still icy, she pulled up into our drive way walked up to the door to get me Luka and I slid out to her truck... we loaded Luka up and we went to lunch!  Yea!  Although when we got home I nearly did the splits getting out of the truck on the ice.  I really need more strength in my leggs...  Oh the joys..  Luka and I had a great time!  We can't wait to get out again!  Thanks to our great friend!

Jason had the idea of going to the movie tomorrow.  I have some movie passes he doesn't know about those.  But I think it will be a good three our mental vacation for him.  He wants to see Avatar.   Another person is also wanting MK!  Yea! 

I learned the other day, actually a while ago now that one of our girls in Brasil who is a MK Director, used to be in my unit when I was still able to work... she has TWO offspring Directors Now!!  Woot Woot Woot for her!  She is just doing awesome.  When she lived with us she would travel around with me to all of my classes and meetings!  She is the reason I went to Brasil to work my MK business!  I am so glad that she is thriving!  It is the perfect thing for her!  She's a lot like me!  I know she will have even more directors soon! 

Speaking of directors, some former MK Director friends of mine are using Isagenix!  Yea!  Which is super fun for me!  I am so happy to be in touch with them again!  I had so lost touch with them. 

I am getting smarter, with all of the computer problems I have had, I am learning. I still have more to learn but I will get there. 

Lots to be thankful for, lots to keep working for.  I sure hope that I can start back to therapy soon, I can sure tell that my body is declining.  It is so painful for me to hold my head up, it isn't getting better it is getting worse and worse...  

Well with that said, I have lots more to share, but I've gotta stop.. my meds are kicking in... Sorry about the spelling, I am back to using blogger to post and I don't know where to find the spell check... 

Thank God for Friends and Blessings! 
Pink Doberman

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