Friday, January 8, 2010

GiVeAwAy'S oN My FaVoRiTeS!!!

Hi all,
As a part of my New Year’s Mission to share things with you that I love… I will be sharing some of my favorite blogs!
Oh, and BTW.. here are some that are having some giveaway’s!!!  I love giveaway’s and I love these blogs!  Be sure to visit them now, as their giveaway’s have time limits!
So this blog is a fun and funky blog.  She has a variety of subjects regarding things that can be made!  She even talks about her cat once a week! 
Another blog that I like follows my blog as well, she has a blog that talks about her journey, and the creative things she is doing!  She is also doing a great give away!  She is sharing a knitting book!  YippE!!  That is on my list of things to learn to do!! 
Be sure to get registered in time to get entered into the drawings!  They are sure to be sharing some pretty nifty stuff!
So since I have been neglecting on reading the pages of my favorite blogs for a while.  Neglecting… Not feeling up to it and too busy for sure when I have… well, I am going to make this post quite short and go do just that! 
I am back to blog land people!.. Me and the pears that Jason has so graciously cut up for me and he to split…  I better get eating!  Craig Ferguson is on!  Yipee!
Happy Winning!
Pink Doberman

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