Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HaRd DaY & HiS cLaSs…

Depressing… so skip the top part if you don’t want to read.. It gets better below….

Today, I must have struggled.  Some days are harder than others.  I guess things cycle.  I get tired and my plans seem to go down the drain.  I wish that wasn’t the case. 

Procrastination can really kick in on those days too.  By the time I am actually having some energy or the pain has dissipated… I am so mentally miserable having thought of all I haven’t accomplished that I must force myself to follow through and do what is needed.  I hate this part. 

I know that everything in life does not revolve around fun.  I am not delusional.  I just wish that some things weren’t so hard.  Staying happy being one of them.  Staying focused on what needs done in the order that it needs done.  Many times I am thinking clearly enough to do the worst first.  Other times, like today the fog set in and life seems to go in a hodge podge of orders. 

Clearly not the type of day anyone wants to have.  I wish these days would go away.  When will it stop?  I wonder. 

I some days it seems impossible to push through, but I do.  I do not know how I do.  I always have really worked hard to do things my best. 

Days like this.  It seems a miracle that what ever I did got done.  It might be only the basics. 


~~~ So in writing this last night I must have been getting the beginning of my weather induced pain issues..

I ended up sleeping most of the day.  The medication is finally helping.  It is now getting dark grrr.  I’ve had lots to do that I didn’t get done.  I still can’t really function which is why I chose to write again. 

I did manage to get the packages I needed to send out.  All but two of them anyway.  Jason will take the rest of them tomorrow. 

I am glad Jason just kept busy doing his thing today, he got some new long johns!  He received a recommendation to go to here to get them!  He loves that place anyway.  I was awake when he got home with them.  He had a smile on his face.  We had looked for them at the store where I got my socks.  The store was very picked over, and they were completely out of Insulating Pants.  Bummer!. ..  He’s been getting pretty cold at work these days.

He has one pair of them from before, I think he’s had these the entire time we’ve been married.  I’d had mine that long too.  They last forever!  Yea! 

The one’s that he ended up getting he put on right away!  I never knew but the one’s he’s had our entire marriage, ended at his calves.  These slid on effortlessly, and were soft and feel like a second skin like my Cuddle Duds. 

He was excited!!!  The best part from his perspective besides the feel of them was the fact they were actually long enough to cover his legs!  Woot!  Thank goodness for friends!  We’ve been hooked up again! 

That is one of the reason’s I have decided to start sharing about my favorite things!  We are benefiting from others sharing things that really work for them. 

Now the down side of the purchase they were more than double the price at the other store.  Upside. They should last a long time and he will be really happy with them.  He may need to get another pair eventually, but we’ve got some other things he needs as well on our list so laundry will have to be done regularly.  Nothing wrong with that! 

Tonight he is attending a class to learn to better utilize his camera!  It is an investment for him.  He is learning the basics.  He’s read the book or parts of it at least.  I enrolled him in a class to learn the first steps to using his camera.  I have a feeling the class may bore him a bit. 

Life experience being what it is, sometimes if you don’t start at the very beginning thinking you could skip that part, then when you move forward to greater experiences, they sometimes do not translate as well.  You feel behind, or you do not get to take advantage of the knowledge being offered as you have missed something very basic along the way.

Besides hands on learning does provide another method for delivering information.  Books may not answer all of your questions or provide you with actual real world learning experiences.  I think it will be helpful for him to ask questions and get answers from experts in the photo industry who are willing to share their skills and knowledge. 

It is good that Jason does have other friends with the same camera or similar ones!  I think this line of camera’s is the most popular with those we know.  We only know one other person who has a different brand.  She of course loves that brand.  Differences are good.  So are similarities.  Both can be learned from and both are respected. 

So maybe he will also be able to help out friends if they have a question after this simple class.  At the very least he will know what someone is talking about when they talk about something that can be done. 

I hope he comes home from this class happy that I registered him for it and happy that he went.  He really didn’t want to go.  I don’t know that it was so much that he wasn’t interested.  I think it was more of the fact he hasn’t really been home in days.  Then that we are expecting more snow, and I haven’t been well and it is colder than our freezers are set for outside.  Well, hopefully it will all be worth it. 

It would be great to have him get back home all charged up about what he learned!  He will have more things to try out, more things he will be wanting to do, and more things that he will be better at. 

He listens well and he will also benefit from the questions that others are asking.  Since the class is being taught at a camera shop well, I am sure he will come away with a list of things that would help him get the pictures he is aching to take.  The question will be whether or not we can afford it.  Ahhh the joys! 

It is good to have dreams!

Right now it makes me happy thinking of him being happy! 

It is now several hours past when I woke up.  It is supper time and I am able to sit up on my own, phew!  I made some food for Luka and will finish writing this before I move on to write some explanations for some art that I have done for a project. 

I had planned to have them mailed out today, but they will have to go out tomorrow.  After I get results back I will share my ideas.  At least the one’s that didn’t get chosen.  That may be all that I did… but I did have fun doing it, so either way it will have been worth it.  I am happy with what I have done.  I hadn’t drawn for about 20 years.  So it was good for me to sit down and do. 

It was fun and I enjoyed coming up with a variety of ideas.  Personally I am impressed with the diversity of styles that I have come up with.  I can’t wait to share them.  I will probably turn some of them or variations of them into digital art if they don’t get used. 

So Jason just called!  He is excited, he shared wow, have I got allot to learn!  He did know some of what was taught but is excited for sure!  He is glad that he went!..  He will be home soon!  That is awesome!  I am so excited for him.  Now I will have to get him enrolled for the intermediate class!  Or the lighting class… Or ..?? there are so many to choose from!  He’s going to be having some fun! 

New Camera 273

This series of the same thing is fun!  He’s sure been surprising me when he loads the pictures for me to see. 

He usually goes out while I am still asleep or when I am not feeling well and am out of it.  Sometimes we go together but most of the time it gives him something fun to do on his own.  That is so nice, knowing that he is doing something that he is enjoying, and he is learning and developing his skills!!

New Camera 296  New Camera 297 New Camera 298New Camera 299

He has been having some fun experimenting.  Note there is no snow in these pictures… So they were taken a while ago, but he is learning!  I love seeing what he comes up with!  Even if his ideas didn’t work! 

New Camera 658

I have even been inspired to try some simple things.  The big blotches of snow were a neat surprise!  He worked so hard that day scooping snow.  I love this picture, it won’t win any awards for sure, but I do love it!  It made me giggle with glee when I saw the little snow dots appear!  How fun, natures confetti! 

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