Monday, January 4, 2010

sHoEs – bOoTs – sOcKs…

So after my busy day yesterday, my body was grateful to wake up today and not be headed out.  I was sore.  Not unbelievably so but enough to make it a more relaxed day around here. 

Things have kept me busy, which is nice.  I have more and more to do.  I like that.  I really need to finish up some projects so I feel like I have completed some things though.  I have tons of unfinished things that I am working on.  So I won’t be adding much of anything unless it happens to fall with Jason’s photography or finishing other things I have already started.

I hope to have a few things finished up tomorrow.  Getting some orders sent out to some great gals, and finishing up a design set for a contest I will be submitting tomorrow. 

Yesterday was nice, I was able to finally get some socks to wear, I had been needing some more especially since it is so cold.  I am up wearing shoes and socks so much more now, so that is good.  Before the accident the few socks I did have sufficed.  I wore nylons everyday for work.  Skirts high heels, and nylons, I had piles of them.   Now it is sneakers, boots, and comfy shoes for me.  I’ve really been needing some more socks.  I got three pairs last year.  That had helped, and when I run out I do raid Jason’s stash…  But his all are so big!

I now have more of my own!  Yea!  I also got a nice soft pair of Cuddle Duds!  I used to have a pair but they are huge and don’t stay up and so I’ve had to rehome those.

So I am set!  Thanks go Christmas and Birthday gifts I also got some great shoes too!  I so needed them!  I  was hoping to have pictures to share.  I do of two pairs of the shoes but the third they haven’t been captured yet.

Great friends hooked me up!  I had tried them on while visiting.  I didn’t want to take them off.  My hips hurt less with them on my feet than when they are off.  Thank God!  I guess surgeon’s wear these, nurses and doctors do too!  Virtually anyone who stands around enjoys having them hold their arches up! 

What are these shoes you ask???   DANSKO shoes!  I am in LOVE!  How do you find them??  You can find them Here!  Or you can find more about them at their company site too!  Here!  OooLaLa!  And no I wish I’d gotten something free to plug them, ok well I did get them as a gift, but not from the company!   So hugs to the B’s for my D’s!!  The ones she chose for me go with everything!  Rumor has it she may even get a matching pair!!  How fun is that!  Of course if she doesn’t we could always switch around since we do wear the same size!! 

My favorites happen to be the Professional style, they seem to have a wider base and great support.  I prefer them over the other style I tried on that she had!

Check them out here!!

New Camera 553

And here!!

New Camera 557

And here!

New Camera 558 Can you tell I am in love with them?  I hope so!  They do feel really really great, and for comfy shoes, well they are as cute as can be!  YipEE!!

Photo’s taken by Jason of course!!  Yea!

Moving on to another favorite pair.  This is the pair of boots that Jason was hoping for me to get.  He has wanted me to get some good snow boots.  We’ll he did get me a pair of boots, sort of… I picked them out, thinking they would be both comfortable and great in the snow. 

I’d been hoping to find some brown boots, but well, I couldn’t find any that were in my price range that I thought would also be comfortable. 

I ended up getting a black pair… Problem… they weren’t exactly warm, they were non insulated.. I got them off the internet… I figured more socks… well, that meant I needed to get more socks…  Hey, it is all happens in time, RIGHT?

Well as life unfolded… 

when my family came to give me a surprise birthday party, the gift they brought me was a lovely pair of boots!  Lined with fur type stuff.  They are what my niece calls Fuggs!  Fake Uggs!  I love them! 

As luck turned out she got a pair too!  Fun!  Here are our legs in our Fuggs!! 

New Camera 399

My family did such a great job, when I pulled them out of the box… Jason exclaimed, “ THATS THE KIND OF BOOTS THAT WILL KEEP YOU WARM.”  That is so wonderful!!  They read his mind!  How cool is that! 

So now I have a black pair of boots a warm pair of boots and a wonderful pair of shoes to wear anywhere!  With some socks to go inside as well!  Life is good, my feet are starting to feel happy again!

Now to make Luka’s feet happy!  I am ordering a pair of Fleece Lined Boots for his feet as well.  As it stands, he is still healing.  At least he is healing!  So in preparation for having him out in this snow.  He will be needing some good boots.  I can’t have his feet getting all wrecked again.  Ouch, that is no good for sure!  I will be ordering from Here!  As a bonus they give discounts to people who have dogs like mine!  I am so grateful for their caring.  Otherwise I would have a much harder time affording these for him. 

I will show them to you when I get them.  I plan to order him blue ones or black ones.. I want to order him pink ones to match the leash I use with him, but I guess that would be over the top!  Since he is a boy after all…  Maybe red.. Hmm. I am going to have to think about this… 

Too many details!

Blessings and Warmth,

Pink Doberman

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